Christmas Presents: Make Them Tasty!

I love Christmas! Everyone who knows me well knows how important Christmas is to me. What’s not to love about it? It’s the time of year when we can go on a shopping spree without feeling guilty about it. I love presents, especially when it comes to buying for others, and that’s what this holiday is about, the happiness of sharing.

This year however, I decided to do something different and it was the apron gift set that inspired me. I figured who doesn’t like Christmas food? Like it or not, we spend hours preparing feasts for our loved ones, and aprons make a stylish addition for the chefs in the family, even the little ones.

personalised apron gift set

Available for adults and kids, ideal for personalising them with names embroidered, I started preparing my Santa bag with apron gift set for each and every member of my family and friends, and I didn’t stop there. It’s a holiday I cherish dearly for food as well, so I decided to prepare some dishes for all the people on my Santa list, even sharing with them some of my secret recipes.

Due to the many health trends over the recent years, I had to do a bit of detective work before I started cooking, as it was essential to find out which of my relatives and friends had changed their diets, who shifted towards fruits and veggies, who became vegan, and who remained loyal to the sweet tooth.

I must admit, being Santa isn’t easy, but there is joy in it too! Detective work done, I had prepared my shopping list with all of the ingredients required to start cooking and baking. Wanting to include more dishes, I didn’t only choose Christmas meals yet I made sure all of them were decorated and wrapped in a festive way!

christmas cookies

From Christmas truffles, biscuits and chocolates, varying in shapes like reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes, to eggnog, pavlova and mince pies, the result was good for the eyes as it was for the stomach. Having prepared this myself for myself as a rehearsal, I’m convinced others are going to be happy with my savoury meals too.

As for the recipes, I chose Christmas notebooks then filled them in with recipes. I could have chosen festive cookbooks after all, but I wanted to customise my presents, and what better way to do so than by sharing some of my favourite delights? Christmas couldn’t be tastier!