Jacuzzi Chemicals: Keep Your Bubbly Zen-Zone Clean & Sanitary

After a long day at work, I really love the times I’m free to have a long, relaxing soak in my hot tub. But one of those times instead of finding crystal clear bliss, when I’ve opened the tub cover I was greeted by a cloudy, icky pond. So, what happened?

You see, the filter along with the occasional scrubbing and filling your jacuzzi with fresh water isn’t enough to keep it clean and hygienic. All those dead skin cells and debris from lotions and other skin care products tend to stick to the various parts of the tub which you can’t always reach to clean. So, once you let the water run, it all swirls together in a disgusting mess.

Jacuzzi Chemicals

If you’re the owner of a new jacuzzi or plan to get one soon, you’re probably wondering how you can stop this from happening. Well, just like pools need to be treated with chemicals to prevent the build-up of bacteria, the same goes for hot tubs as well. So, to keep your bubbly Zen zone not just clean but sanitary, you need to add the right mixture of jacuzzi chemicals into the water.

When it comes to jacuzzi chemicals, chlorine is the standard option. It’s an aggressive bacteria killer, cost-effective and easy to manage and apply to the water. However, many hot tub owners find the smell of chlorine unpleasant, which is why they opt for bromine instead. Besides being odourless, bromine is also more effective in killing certain types of algae. However, if you have an outdoor spa, it’s not recommended to use bromine as the sun’s UV rays can destroy it very fast, before it gets it the chance to work.

Whether you opt for chlorine alone, bromine alone, or a combination of the both, you can also use a mineral based solution. Minerals such as copper and silver are also effective in killing waterborne bacteria. However, they are a little slow, which means that you still need to use a jacuzzi chemical such as chlorine or bromine. The advantage of using minerals is that they give the water a fresh smell and you don’t need to use a high amount of chemicals to keep the hot tub sanitary.

In addition to sanitise, you also need to use chemicals which help balance the water’s pH levels. To do so, you need to test the water regularly with special strips. If the pH is too high, you can use a pH reduces to help balance it. For a low pH, you can use a pH increaser or an alkalinity increaser to raise the levels.