Fish Supplies That Help Keep Your Aquarium Clean at All Times

Admiring a new, shiny aquarium with a bunch of colourful fish swimming around can be very exciting. And for me, this initial fascination is what led me to purchase more and more fish and decorations to make the tank even more impressive. But I came to realize that the more fish and accessories in the tank, the faster it got dirty, which means that I had to clean it a lot more often.

So, the question is, how can one prevent the aquarium from getting soiled so easily? Considering how feeding your aquatic pets less is out of question, the best solution is to purchase fish supplies that can keep the tank crystal clear longer and as such help in the prevention of disease. Here are some of the most effective fish supplies you can get.

Gravel and Gravel Vacuum

Adding gravel in an aquarium can do more than just make the atmosphere seem more genuine. The gravel can help keep the waste products at the bottom, thus preventing it from floating around the water freely. Once there’s a lot of waste products accumulated around the gravel, consider using a gravel vacuum to remove all the debris. This way, you won’t need to take out the gravel to clean it, which can save you valuable time and energy. You can do just a light vacuuming once a month to get rid of all the gunk.

Water Filter

Obviously, the gravel alone can’t keep the water clear, especially if there are a high number of fish are swimming around. What’s more, some debris, like food leftovers, won’t be able to drop to the bottom. For that reason, it’s important to place an aquarium filter. Aquarium filters can be mechanical and chemical. While mechanical filters are great in removing free-floating particles in the water, they don’t work against tiny particles that have begun to decompose. Chemical filters, on the other hand, can remove the smaller debris from the aquarium, as well as any leftover medications.

UV Purifier

However, filters aren’t always able to keep the water hygienic and prevent certain fish diseases from developing. To keep your fish population disease-free, it’s recommended to use a UV purifier. A UV aquarium purifier can destroy any waterborne bacteria, algae and other pathogens. The UV purifier should be fully immersed into the aquarium for it to work, and as the water passes through it, the UV light will kill all pathogens. This is a very safe solution, as the UV bulb is encased in a special enclosure, preventing the fish from getting into contact with it. Together with the regular filter, you can keep the water in the tank crystal clear for longer. As a result, your fish pets will be less likely to develop disease.