Interior Makeover: The Nordic Chair for Every Room

I’m certainly not a recent fan of Nordic design, but I’m surprised I fall in love with it more and more each time I see some new piece. I immediately start envisioning it in my interior, where I’d place it, how I’d decorate it and how I’d use it.

Of course, I don’t have the budget to afford as many interior makeovers as my mind can come up with, however I’ve come to realise there’s one piece in particular I can single out as my favourite: the Nordic chair.

Many of the iconic chairs in the world of design happen to be Scandinavian and it’s their timeless design that makes them as appealing now as they would be years from now which is exactly what I want more of in my home.

Due to the exemplary craftsmanship, detail to comfort and refined materials, the different types of Nordic chair aren’t only meant for the dining room; in fact, they can complement any room in a home which is why I’ve set my eye on chairs lately.

Apart from the additional seating, they are great for adding some aesthetics and drama. If I had the chair in every room, other than the dining room that is, here’s what it would be like.

mid century Scandinavian

The Living Room Accent


Having my own mix of mid century Scandinavian  I can’t say I lack comfortable seating.

The sofa and pair of armchairs are sufficient enough, yet, I find the addition of Nordic dining chair an interesting twist that would freshen up the look and would fill up the “accent chair” role. I have my eyes set on the pale blue Nestor as it would go so well with my curtains.

The Bedroom Extra


I’ve always dreamed of having one of those classy vanities in my bedroom I’ve seen in classy films, yet space doesn’t allow so I’ve come to terms with using a vertical nightstand for the job, hanged it on the wall and paired it with a small ottoman but the Hans wishbone is the extra I could definitely use.

The Entry Uplift


You’re either lucky in having a spacious entry or you’re stuck with a closet-like space you’re in risk of cluttering or leaving bare. As I happen to be in the second group, I couldn’t exactly allow myself to go overboard with furniture pieces like the addition of hall trees, however a compact sideboard paired with black top grain leather Hektor would do just fine.

The Bathroom Essential


Yes, I’m aware it’s not the typical room for it but chairs added in a bathroom can have their own purpose. Placed beside the bathtub, they’re ideal for keeping towels and books at hand (and might I add drinks!), plus when necessary they’d serve you well for when you pamper yourself by the mirror, applying all the beauty products. At least that’s what I would use a Jensen stool for!