Everything You Need to Know About German Cuckoo Clocks

Even though we’re living in the era of cellphones and smartwatches, the use of wall clocks in homes and offices is still IN. Aside from serving their obvious purpose – to tell time, they can also add character and timeless appeal to any space in your home.

According to Feng Shui, placing wall clocks in your home will help you create balance and achieve prosperity. But aside from the modern versions of wall clocks, you can also choose from the good old cuckoo clocks to bring in extra traditional charm in your abode. The classic and traditional-looking clocks are known for their small house with wooden figurines and a bird that strikes the hours with its unique sound.

How to Choose a Genuine One?

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Choosing an authentic German cuckoo clock should be done only by shopping from a trusted and reliable clock store. Stores of this kind usually source their clocks directly from Germany, so you know you’re buying the real deal. Another proof of having a genuine model is the certificate of authenticity that you’ll receive with it. This is a guarantee that the chosen product is made with material that meets high standards.

And, for a better and more unique experience, you should look for a store that offers hand-carved clocks. These clocks date back to the 18th century and are still manufactured in the famous Black Forest region of Germany. Having a German cuckoo clock precisely from this region can make your interior décor all the more special.

Mechanical Cuckoo Wall Clocks

These popular clocks are usually driven by weight and they are mainly available with two different movements:

  • 1-Day Movement – You should wind it by pulling the chain and winding its weights once a day.
  • 8 Day Movement – The clock winds up the same only that instead once a day, you should wind it once a week.

Depending on the clock, the chosen model can have two or three weights. Out of these, it’s the models with three weights that have cuckoo and music while the ones with two weights only have cuckoo. The sound in these clocks is produced by using bellows that are designed to push air through whistles which create the ‘cook’ and coo’ sound. The third weight on these clocks is for driving a traditional mechanical music box movement with a pinned cylinder that is designed to pluck notes on a ‘comb’ so that a melody will be obtained.

Another great thing about these mechanical clocks with cuckoo is that they can be silenced with a manual on and off lever. Some of these models could also have an automatic night-off function meaning that you can entirely turn the music off. In case the automatic night-off function is turned off by itself, this means that the music will turn off on its own when it’s dark outside.

When searching for the right model, make sure to choose one that comes with a guarantee of being unique and authentic in origin. That being said, you should look for one for which you’ll be sure that’s an authentic German cuckoo clock, made according to the highest quality standards to give you the peace of mind regarding the mechanic parts, and the lifespan of the whole mechanism.


If you don’t want to waste your time winding up the clock every day or week, then you can always opt for the battery-operated clocks. Unlike the mechanical ones, these don’t need to be winded up. They are available with or without music which gives you the chance to pick the right model for your needs. All battery-operated clocks have a light sensor for automatic night shut off which is perfect for providing you with a good night’s sleep.


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This clock is certainly known for its timekeeping mechanisms which announce the time in a fun and pleasant way. They are a true work of art that can add a touch of style and authenticity to your home. Aside from having two different movement mechanisms, these clocks can also differ in appearance and some other features. If you’re new to buying such a clock, understanding the features will certainly help you find the right model for your needs:

  • Most clocks that are made in the Black Forest region of Germany are made from linden wood. They are crafted in different styles like traditional – hand-carved, and chalet types which feature a typical Black Forest house.
  • Aside from requiring daily winding, the day 1 mechanical clocks that come with music play it on the half hour and hour.
  • Day 8 mechanical clocks only play music on the hour.
  • The automatic night shut-off is perfect for light sleepers because this feature allows for the clock to be silenced during the night or day.
  • In order to activate the silence option on mechanical clocks, you’ll need to move the lever up or down.

When searching to find the right one for your needs, make sure to consider the clock’s music. Quite often, these locks are accompanied by German folk music so before buying the clock make sure to hear the music since this is the music you’ll be hearing a lot. In case you don’t find it comfortable and pleasant to hear, you can choose a clock with a cuckoo sound only.