Engine Mounts, Their Importance and What to Know

The engine is mounted inside the bonnet on an engine mount. Engine mounts are an important part of your vehicle’s engine, providing a buffer between the engine and body so that when one is moving, the other doesn’t get damaged. They also offer flexibility for movement so the engine isn’t too rigid to turn over. 

Types of Engine Mounts Based on Vehicle and Material

There are different types of engine mounts depending on your vehicle; some cars have four-cylinder mounts while others have six-cylinder mounts. These mounts will cushion the blows from both sides of the engine so it doesn’t knock against its frame or body. Engine mounting products are made from a variety of materials, such as polyurethane and rubber. 

The best material for your vehicle will depend on the type of road you drive most often, how many kilometres you put on your vehicle every year, what conditions your engine is exposed to and how long you want the mount to last.

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Engine mounts are found in several locations on your car’s engine block. The front engine mounting secures the front of your engine under the hood and helps absorb vibration while driving. The rear mount supports the back of your engine and helps absorb additional vibration. The left and right mounts are found on some vehicles and they support or stabilize certain components within the block, such as the timing chain or exhaust system.

The front mount is made from a material that will flex when it comes into contact with an object, such as a speed bump or rock in your driveway. This allows for more movement so there is less damage to any one part of your vehicle’s frame or body. The rear mount is typically made from polyurethane, which absorbs vibrations and also helps to prevent your engine block from moving back and forth too much.

The left, right and four-cylinder mounts are usually made with a soft rubber material that allows for flexibility while still providing support to the rest of your vehicle’s frame or body. These mounts will help absorb additional vibration when they come into contact with an object, such as driving over a speed bump or hitting a rock in your driveway.

Types of Engine Mounts Based on Location

Engine mounts are located in various locations around your engine block and they help to absorb movement. They also prevent your engine from knocking against its frame or body, which can cause damage. The front mount is found under the hood of some vehicles; others have it mounted at the front of their bonnet while other engines have it towards the back of their bonnet or underneath the headlight housing. 

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The rear mount is usually found underneath the vehicle’s bumper but it can be behind the exhaust system or at the back of a vehicle’s firewall. The left and right mounts are found on some vehicles but they’re typically located underneath or behind the engine block.

Replacing Engine Mounts

Engine mounts need to be replaced when they’ve reached their lifespan or have become worn out through use. You’ll often notice that your car is shaking more than usual, especially when you’re driving over bumps or while turning corners. If this happens, it’s time to replace your engine mounts.

Replacing them is an easy job that can be done by an amateur mechanic. The front engine mount is usually the easiest to replace; it’s located under the hood and can easily be removed from there. If you have a four-cylinder mount, this should take about 30 minutes to do. You may need to disconnect some wires or cables in order to get access to the mount.

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The rear engine mounts are typically located underneath your vehicle. They’re easier to replace if they’re already disconnected so you’ll want to check this beforehand. If not, you’ll need to disconnect the exhaust system and other components in order to get access to them. This will take about an hour or so to complete if you’re doing it by yourself.

The left and right mounts are located underneath your vehicle’s engine block but they can be accessed through different locations. You may have to remove some of your vehicle’s undercarriage parts in order to get access to these mounts. It should only take an hour or so to replace these mounts.


Engine mounts are an important part of your vehicle’s engine; they help absorb movement and prevent the engine from knocking against its frame or body. If you’re experiencing shaking while driving, it could be due to a worn engine mount. It’s best to get them checked out by a mechanic so that they can be replaced if needed. Replacing your engine mounts yourself will save you money in the long run because it allows you to do it at your own pace without having to pay for labour charges.