Country Style Is Making a Comeback: Top 5 Western Wear Brands

Country style is back, and I, for one, am extremely happy about it. It’s not only because I’ve always enjoyed watching western movies, or because of my fascination with all things cowboy – country clothes and shoes have never stopped being relevant, as they have played a huge part in modern fashion and in many trends over the years. However, now that it has been coming back, the choices for fashionable country style garments and footwear are becoming incredibly diverse, both for men and women.

Country Boots

Moreover, country style is about much more than looks. Designed for hard work on the farm, good quality western clothes and shoes are extremely durable and comfortable to wear. So, for those who would like to embrace this comeback, those who want to try mixing up some of the western coolness and ruggedness into their style, I’ve prepared a list of five great western wear brands that offer a wide range of products.

Thomas Cook

One of my favourite western brands, Thomas Cook is an Australian company founded in Melbourne in 1924 by Thomas Cook. This is an iconic brand that represents Australian life. Today, the brand offers a big collection of country-style fashion products, both shoes and clothes. This makes them the perfect choice if you are just starting to look for something in the style if you want to widen your western wear collection, or especially if you are a fan of the Australian Outback, like me.

One of the reasons why I recommend everyone to buy Thomas Cook shoes is their wide range of products in a variety of styles for any occasion. Moreover, you can find Thomas Cook products both for men and women and even for kids. All of this is why I think that they are especially great, even for those who are looking at these types of shoes strictly for their aesthetics and their fashion value.

Inspired by the quality and the look of the country style, Thomas Cook footwear products range from stylish modern cowboy boots and rubber boots all the way to more dressy chunky boots and fashionable lace-ups and slip-ons. Aside from Thomas Cook shoes, you should also check out their lovely clothes for any occasion. From comfy country shirts that can fit right into your casual style, all the way to more formal clothes that you can wear at the office.

Thomas Cook Boots

RM Williams

Another great Australian brand, RM Williams was founded in 1932 and today they are one of the leading companies in country style clothes and shoes, sold not only across Australia but also worldwide. Since their first years, their most iconic products were their high-quality leather boots. However, like Thomas Cook, they now also offer a wide range of clothes and footwear.

Whether you need hard-wearing clothes for work, like dressing up in country clothes for fashion reasons, or you simply want to purchase one statement item, like some beautiful boots, a shirt, a long shirt, a dress, RM Williams won’t disappoint. You can find RM William boots for men and women with beautiful designs and with impeccable quality, both inspired by western footwear. The brand also offers some beautiful western accessories.


When we are talking about country style accessories, we can’t forget about Akubra. This is another successful, as well as recognisable Australian brand for western fashion, famous for their beautiful, high-quality, well-crafted hats. As a matter of fact, the name Akubra has an Aboriginal origin, and it means head covering. If you are looking for a statement piece, or you want to accessories your fashionable cowboy boots, Akubra hats are the right place to look at.


If you are looking for some denim wonder, you should look at Wrangler. Wrangler is an American company founded by C.C. Hudson, who started by making overalls. While their initial success was mainly thanks to their denim products, nowadays they are a brand recognisable on a global scale for many of their western and casual wear products.

Wrangler offers a wide range of all kinds of western wear garments, as well as casual pants, shorts, t-shirts, shirts, jumpers, jackets, etc. inspired by the style, but with modern twists, that you might love. They also have beautiful western-style accessories, including western hats and belts, that can take your country chic style to the next level.

Wrangler Boots


Of course, we can’t talk about denim and not mention Levi’s. When it comes to jeans, there isn’t a brand that’s more recognisable around the world, than this one. More than that, for many people, Levi’s is synonymous with denim. In fact, this is one of the rare stories that have to do with fashion that is globally famous.

You know the story, Levi Strauss who was an immigrant from Bavaria is the person responsible for the popularity of one of the most popular and favourite garments around the globe – the blue jeans. Nowadays no one can’t imagine their life without a pair of blue jeans, the bottoms that are easiest to style and can be worn in an endless number of beautiful combinations.

Levi invented them for workers because he understood the need for hard-wearing garments that would endure the hard work. And while Levi and his tailor Jacob W. Davis did invent the blue jeans, many people mistakenly believe that they also invented the fabric. In reality, denim was here a long time before that.