Conscious Consuming: Why Buy Australian Made Dresses and Accessories

The growing concern regarding climate change and global warming has created a boost in the shopping culture around the world. Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world? The first time I read about this was back in 2015 when I read an article about the Sydney Fashion Week. I realised that fast fashion is leading to a lot of clothing being thrown away each year.

It really made me think, so I stood up and opened my wardrobe. I was aware that there are many clothes I’m not wearing anymore, but until that day I thought it’s not a big deal. I believed that there are not many people like me, who like to keep clothes in their wardrobes, just in case, thinking that maybe I’ll need it one day. A day that never comes.

Some of those outfits didn’t fit me anymore, others were long gone out of fashion, while some I’ve never worn. By the end of the day, I got two bags full of clothes that I no longer needed. I looked up for charity organisations near me and donated the clothes the next day. The feeling was surprisingly good, so I decided to dive deeper into the matter and learn more about conscious consuming.

How and Why Did I Choose to Buy Australian Dresses?

picture of women in colorful dress on the street

Having too many options to choose from used to make me feel uncomfortable and I was buying dresses, pants, shirts, and whatnot, just because I couldn’t make up my mind. But I learned to focus on what works best for me and start buying more consciously. I like authentic clothing and Australian made dresses are the best choice I’ve ever made and for a good reason.

High-Quality Clothing

Buying Australian made is important as it’s a vital support for local business, including designers and manufacturers. It’s a choice that makes a difference for both customers and businesses. The Australian market is renowned for high-quality clothing and safety standards, so every time you buy Aussie made, you know you’re getting quality stuff that is less likely to harm your health and wellbeing.

After all, that’s what conscious consuming is all about – buying less, but when you do buy, look for quality produced items. I appreciate Australian made dresses designed with women in mind as they make me feel special and unique. Personally, I like bold colours as well as floral and tropical prints, but you can find some lighter options as well, suitable for the hot summer days.

Support the Local Economy

picture of two women wearing stylish clothes in the streets

When you buy Australian, you support the development of the local economy, therefore, you support jobs and prosperity which in turn has a positive effect on local families and communities. Australia has the highest minimum wage standards in the world and offers some of the safest and best-regulated working conditions. Buying from an Australian company helps provide jobs for Australian people for fair wages.

Protect the Planet

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but when you buy Australian products you can help the environment because the products are not transported from overseas. Shipping contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and uses a lot of resources. When buying Australian dresses online, you can reduce the negative impact the transport of your clothes has on the environment.

When you opt for conscious consuming, you are putting yourself in the first place when deciding which brand, or brands, you choose to support. And we all know that making a fashion statement is more than the choice of dress. Adding accessories can make your look stand out, emphasise your style and preferences. My personal favourite is totes, decorative pieces focused on practicality.

For a Complete Look, I Buy Australian Purses as Well

picture of three women wearing stylish clothes

Tote bags are larger than regular bags, with a rectangular or square shape and a large wide bottom. They have an open top and two shoulder straps, and I find them comfortable to wear almost everywhere I go, to the supermarket, to work, at the beach or to a casual night with friends. A tote bag is very convenient as it provides enough space to store many different items.

When it comes to purses, Cellini is one of the most iconic Australian labels. It was launched back in 1990 and gained popularity in a short period thanks to its superior quality, style and practicality. Cellini bags are designed in Australia and are some of the most well-known accessories for Australian women. One of the main reasons this brand is so popular is because they keep setting new standards in terms of innovation, design and quality materials.

When choosing your bag, make sure it will fit well under your arm, so opt for a length that’s not too low. The bag shoulder should rest somewhere between your midriff and hip. To stay on the safe side, you can select a bag with adjustable straps, so you can customise them as you wish.

For an ultimate stylish look, The Cellini Genuine Leather range offers handbags that are finely crafted and have a unique sense of elegance. The reason why leather bags are so popular is the material that never goes out of style. Leather ages very well, it’s durable and investing in a leather bag is a well-worth investment that pays off in the long run.