Complete Your Caravaning Experience with These Accessories

Once you’ve bought your first caravan, you’re not quite done, as there’s a wide array of caravan accessories and parts that can help make your first caravanning experience whole. Think of it as buying a furnished home, with all the kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities there, but there’s still a bunch of accessories that you have to buy to complete it. Here’s a list of the most essential caravan parts and accessories you should get before you set off on your first adventure.

Water Containers

You’ll usually need two types of water containers – for fresh and waste water. They generally come in several sizes and designs – from the most simple, small ones you can carry the water to and from the source, to larger ones that have wheels and can be pulled along with the help of a handle. The fresh water containers should be labeled as „food grade“ containers, while the waste water containers don’t really have to, which might result in them being cheaper.

Towing Mirrors

Laws in Australia state that every caravan driver should be able to see 4 metres on either side and 20 metres to the rear of the caravan. This is only possible with tow mirrors that are secured to your car’s door mirrors. Tow mirrors extend the field of vision on both sides of the caravan. Picking the right towing mirror is easy, as you have a wide selection to choose from at any caravan parts and accessories online store. All you have to make sure of is that the towing mirror fits securely on your vehicle’s door mirrors.

Caravan Steps

If you’ve bought a used caravan, there’s a chance it doesn’t come with steps. Steps can be very useful, especially if you have small children or a pet. There’s no shortage of option when it comes to caravan steps, and some of the more popular types include metal and steel steps, double steps and steps that can be utilised as boxes. These accessories are inexpensive, but can help prevent injury, which makes them a great investment.


The caravan awning is a small investment that can double your available space. It can help you keep the wet clothes out of the caravan, set up an extra bedroom, or just help you stay hidden from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors. There are many different types of awnings, but the most popular ones are the full awning and porch awning. The ideal awning for you depends on your requirements. Porch awnings aren’t as bulky and large as the full awnings and they’re easier to set up. However, they don’t offer the same amount of room and cover as a full awning.