All You Need to Know About Sewer Pipe Inspection System

The one thing I couldn’t learn from my uncle was how to be a ‘home plumber’ and fix even the smallest problem – a leaking tap. Although I was fascinated by how easy my uncle would fix a similar problem only with a few tools (he’s a professional plumber though), somehow I couldn’t see myself fixing other problems than a loose rubber. I’m a simple man, so when I see that something isn’t in my nature, I leave it to the professionals. What’s the point in pretending to be a handyman in this field when I’m not?! Although I know and understand what are the testing tools in plumbing, at least the basic ones and how to deal with them, I don’t feel the love and confidence to do this job. And truth be told, there is other more significant testing equipment of which I’m familiar but I simply don’t feel drawn to do it.

What I know from my uncle is that a pipe inspection equipment system is a must-have for small businesses like his because they provide awesome marketing and diagnostic potential that can help you do your job professionally while increasing your income. There are lots of types of testing equipment designed to help you with different problems. And for instance, if you want to find what’s the problem of a leaking pipe for instance, or want to make sure is there leaking, you’ll need a sewer camera.

Man working with sewer camera inspection

What Is a Pipe Inspection Camera?

A pipe inspection camera is a type of test equipment that is needed to identify a pipe issue. It looks like a long snake which on one of its ends has an attached video camera. The thing that makes it so special is its flexible nature and ability to navigate the sewer lines and turn corners without a problem. Thanks to the camera, you can see the state of the pipes live and see whether there is a problem. This, in fact, is the most accurate way to detect a plumbing problem, especially leaks. For those wanting to record a video, you’ll benefit a lot from investing in a sewer camera.

Benefits of Sewer Camera

Although in the past plumbers were able to detect a leaking problem even without a camera, the benefits of having a sewer camera these days are numerous.

No Digging

The greatest benefit of this camera is that you won’t have to dig the whole wall or even the backyard in order to locate the problem. Instead, by simply inserting the camera, he’ll be able to see the exact location of the problem and fix it.

It Saves You a Lot of Time

Since there will be no digging first in order to identify the problem, this will save you a lot of time which wasn’t the case in the past.

You’ll Help People Save More Money

This might sound strange to you, but the truth is that diggings add to the high cost of the plumbing service. So, the more digging is done, the higher the overall cost it’ll be. Fortunately, these cameras will not only help people lower their costs, but they’ll also spare you the trouble to dig into the unknown.

It Can Help You Locate Other Problems

Unfortunately, the reasons for leaks in the pipe could be many, even tree roots. Thanks to these cameras, you’ll be able to detect both the problem and the cause and fix it in the best possible way.

Looking for pipe issues with drain camera.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pipe Inspection System

The Type and Size of Pipes, Drains or Sewers

Truth be told, there are many types of inspection devices and cameras from which you can choose. Generally speaking, the pipe inspection system is available as:

Push Rod Systems

As the name implies, these systems need to be manually pushed down the line and they are designed to go inside pipes and laterals. The maximum range of these units is limited to 60 metres.

Push Rod Systems

Tractor Pull Style

These systems are designed for municipal style larger drain pipes and unlike the push-rod systems, they can pull themselves down the line. Usually, they are controlled with a computer system and joystick by a professional operator. Generally speaking, these systems also have additional swivel heads and lights for ease of use. Usually, these inspection systems can be found in larger companies and municipalities.

Tractor Pull Style Sewer and Drain Camera

The Built-in Recording Device

In case you’re working with a customer who wants to have proof of performance, then you should certainly want to invest in a built-in recording device. You can either invest in a separate camera, or you can invest in an add-on recording device that is sold by most electronic retailers. In case you still decide to invest in a pipe inspection device that has a built-in camera, make sure to choose one that comes from a retailer that offers unconditional service and repairs. This is essential in case something goes wrong.