4 Ways to Optimize Your Small Backyard

We would all love to have a huge backyard we can enjoy when the weather outside is nice. It is something like having an extra room you can spend the summertime nights in. But not everyone is lucky enough to have big outdoor space. When you have a pretty limited area for enjoyment, there aren’t a lot of elements you can include, so you have to pick smart.

1. Optimize Your Storage Space

narrow storage shed in garden
source: homedit.com

This might be the most important part of the whole process. Considering you have limited space for storage, you need to find the perfect piece that can fit everything you need neatly stored, and still not take up much space.

The optimal solution for this problem would be investing in a narrow storage shed that will fit in your outdoor space. The next thing you need to consider is the position of the shed. What do you need it for? Whatever you decide, remember to put it on a levelled ground and avoid parts of the yard where water puddles. Our advice would be not to put it under a tree. The roots of the tree may cause a problem over time, and the falling leaves may be a real pain to clean, especially if you decide to get a flat roof shed. You would have to do it every day so the shed won’t get damaged.

When it comes to aesthetics, you have a million options to choose from. Let’s start with colour. You have the whole colour spectre to choose from. You can go with earthy tones to match the surroundings or bright colours to create a contrast and make a statement.

Flooring is also important because you don’t want animals so get inside the shed and destroy everything you keep inside. You can do a floating hardwood floor, hard plastic floor or a concrete one. The best option would probably be a concrete floor for maximal protection. Putting a skylight will be an excellent idea. Besides the regular lamps and lighting, this would be a great idea to light up the place, even more, you would have natural lighting during the day.

Slider doors would probably be the best option for a narrow outdoor shed. Keeping in mind the limited space you have, every centimetre we save is important. The important part is that these narrow sheds are low maintenance. Cleaning them twice a year will extend their lifespan. And of course, check for water leaks, mould, animals, rotten boards etc. so it can get fixed in time and not cause even bigger damage.

A narrow storage shed is a great investment because it can be a multi-functional unit – it helps you organize your belongings better, protects your stuff from the elements and boosts the value of your property.

2. Consider Vertical Gardening

vertical gardening to save storage space
source: thegreenhead.com

If you love plants and gardening, you don’t have to give it up just because you have a small yard. There is a wonderful solution that can keep your passion going, and it’s called vertical gardening. Keeping a vertical garden can have a lot of advantages.

  • Saves you space;
  • You can grow your plants in some unusual spaces like the stairs, walls and fences;
  • Adds beauty to your outdoor space;
  • Plants get more sun exposure than the ones on the ground;
  • Vining crops give you a bigger harvest and make harvesting much easier as they’re at eye level;
  • Crops are cleaner because they’re not on the ground and covered in mud;
  • Vertical gardens insulate the building from heat and winds, give you privacy and reduce noise levels in big cities.

3. Install the Proper Lighting

garden lighting
source: horizononline.com

Good lighting is important in small spaces. It can either make it better, wider and bigger, or make it even smaller, darker and unpleasant. Depending on what kind of an atmosphere you want to create, you have quite a few options. Basically, there are three types of lighting levels: safety lighting, landscape lighting and accent lighting, and all of them can help you enlarge your space.

You can hang lights on trees to create a moonlight effect. Put them higher for a prettier sight. For this, you can use regular lamps or swap them with paper lanterns. If you have a path leading through your backyard, make sure you lighten it up all the way. Safety is important – you don’t want to be tripping on your pathways because they’re poorly lit.

String lighting is always a good idea, be it indoors or outdoors. It is a soft accent lighting that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere. They are flexible so you can move them wherever you need – be it on the porch, patio, garden, fireplace, or gazebo. But make sure they are waterproof and rechargeable, preferably solar-powered.

4. Use Portable and Folding Furniture

table and bench for a small garden
source: hayesgardenworld.co.uk

You probably want to entertain and have guests over for a drink, dinner or just a pleasant chat. But sitting your guests outside in a small space can be a problem. That’s why, when you buy outdoor furniture, make sure it fits your space and can be easily stored away. For example, benches without backs or slim metal chairs can be a great choice. Another option is stacking chairs and floor cushions.

Furniture that can have multiple purposes, like chairs with storage space or benches that can serve as coffee tables, can help you make the most out of limited sitting areas.