A Mother’s Thoughts on the Nursery and Co-Sleeping Wars

Getting the role of a parent is a true blessing. If you thought you knew what unconditional love is before becoming a parent, you’re in for a surprise – your baby is going to teach you what true love is more than you ever imagined.

No matter whether you’re new in this, or already have some experience, trying to get the best for your baby, and being constantly worried, are universal traits of parents. Since we’re all different, we have different parenting skills, and strategies. But it’s important to do what’s best for your little bundle of joy, like getting him or her their own room, the nursery.

Perhaps you’re like me, and first found it important to keep the baby in the family bed out of safety and bonding reasons. It’s a big no, as it’s bound to leave you sleepless (there’s the constant fear you’d injure the baby in your sleep). Besides, you have no more time for your spouse and keeping the spark between you two.

After coming across an eye-catching nursery wardrobe, beautifully designed, and spacious enough to keep the baby clothes tidy, I felt inclined to ditch the co-sleeping idea and make a nursery stat.

I’m aware there are parent wars, or rather mummy wars, on whether or not babies should co-sleep, or be in their own crib, and while I can say to each their own, there are still advantages of the crib and nursery that co-sleeping just can’t provide.

For one, a nursery is helpful in setting good sleeping cycle both for you and your baby. I can definitely say we’re able to get much more quality sleep now with the nursery than having our baby in our bed. If your worry is not being aware when your baby is awake or crying, you can always count on technology, and get a baby monitor – you get to both hear and see your baby.

Then, having furniture pieces like a nursery wardrobe, or toy box, can work for the independence and organising skills of your child as soon as the baby phase is over. Once they are toddlers, children can learn how to keep their clothes and toys in order.

When children have their own room, have slept there since babies, it’s easy for them to prefer it to the family bed. Seeing my sister’s struggles to talk her children into going to their own beds at night is a valuable lesson for me not to end up making the same mistake.