Plug Into a State of Bliss with a 6 Person Spa for Families

We are the kind of family that always seeks new ways to have fun together, however, as of late, we also felt a strong desire to find a new way to unwind together. Some people complain when they only have one child to take care of, we have three and still feel reluctant to speak of them as some kind of burden. Yes, it can get rough, but when you care enough to create mechanisms for rejuvenation of the energy, it can really make a difference.

This year, we decided to invest exactly in such stress reliving outlet, especially after finding out more about the health (both physical and mental) benefits of owning a home spa. Before deciding to get our 6 person spa, I was having my morning coffee, sitting by the window in our kitchen and as I was browsing through my Tumblr feed, I came across that famous photo of a monkey in a state of bliss in a hot spring water in Japan and I though to myself – “Oh boy, what joy!”.

Once we started using our home spa, I was able to feel the benefits I read about in health related articles. A quality and spacious 6 person spa is in fact your portal to hydrotherapy and aquarobics centre – a compact unit that can cater to both your exercise and relaxation needs. My husband is mostly grateful for the massage effects, whereas I can’t name one thing I don’t adore about this invention. Our smallest child calls the spa “the bubble pool” and his smile when we’re all together in it makes it even more worthwhile.

Apart from the health benefits that come with sitting in one of the 6 hydrotherapy seats, there’s also the beyond precious privacy element of having this installed in one’s home. I’ll be honest with you, unless it’s the loving noise of my children’s voices, I prefer the piece and quiet to any other sound in existence. Other people’s conversations in public spas have a way of getting on my nerves and I guess my children have a way of getting on theirs too (chuckles). It’s not about pretending to be some posh introverted snob, it’s the reality of things, I like having great company as much as the next person, but when it comes to true relaxation, it all boils down to me, my family and the home spa we all so much adore.