Your Guide to Choosing the Best Tactical Flashlight

People’s needs for illumination have been changing throughout the years. However, there have always been situations where we needed portable light sources. And, sometimes, it was a matter of light or death. Today, we understand how important it is to carry a good flashlight, especially if we hike, camp, or find ourselves in the dark often.

Specially designed to be used by people of forces, a tactical flashlight isn’t just an illumination tool. What once was intended to be used by the military and the police as a weapon in tactical situations today has found its many everyday uses in the lives of common people.

What makes a tactical flashlight better than a regular one? And, how can you choose the best tactical flashlight for your needs?

Tactical vs. Regular Flashlights

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You probably have a flashlight torch in your kitchen drawers and reach out for it during blackouts. If you don’t have to use it often, you likely don’t care about its quality, durability and power. But if I tell you that such a tool could save your life in certain situations, you would want it to be perfectly functional and not let you down when you need it. That’s exactly what a tactical flashlight can do for you.

Tactical flashlights are better than regular flashlights in many aspects. They feature high-quality, durable metal housing made of military-grade materials. They’re rugged, ultra-compact and lightweight, so you can easily manoeuvre them in any given situation. They usually have longer battery life than regular flashlights. Ultra-bright, tactical torchs are the best flashlight option.

There are so many things you can use tactical light for. What would be the best option for you personally depends on why you need it and what you will use it for. We’re breaking down the different types of tactical flashlights along with their uses.

Tactical Flashlight Types and Their Uses


Tactical torches are the essence of tactical lights. Resembling the design of the ordinary handheld flashlights, they offer exceptional power and forward-thinking technologies, such as the Smart Light Technology. Made of high-grade materials like polycarbonate, tactical torches are lightweight and compact yet extremely shock- and shatter-proof. This makes them suitable for demanding use in a rugged environment, and some of them are even waterproof.

The most apparent use of torchs is lighting. You can use a tactical torch whenever you need light: when returning back home at night, while hiking, night-running, camping, or preparing for an outdoor adventure. There are, however, not so obvious uses. Tactical torches double as self-defence tools, and you can use them to protect yourself from an attacker. They can also be used for signalling, breaking glass, and starting a fire. In tactical situations, torches can be weapon-mounted to provide the light needed for a safe, clean target.

Tactical Headlamps


Headlamps help us accomplish everyday tasks when we need both light and free hands. These include car repairing, navigating through dark basements, night trekking, spelunking, night-hunting and many others.

Angle Flashlights

First produced in World War II, few flashlight designs are as recognisable as the right angle head military flashlights. Since then, the angle flashlight is still an important part of military equipment in armies around the world.

This model features a design of a 90-degree right angle light compared to the flashlight battery casing body. It carries many advantages in ergonomics, hands-free use and durability compared to the limited standard no-angle flashlights. ​If you’re not a fan of headlamps, angle flashlights are the hands-free alternative that can be attached to nearly everything, from firearms to collar belts and necklaces.

Glow Sticks

Also known as a light stick, chem light, light wand, light rod, and rave light, a glow stick’s a short-term light source. It’s basically a plastic tube that contains isolated substances. When combined, these make light through chemiluminescence. You can use glow sticks once, and then you can throw the used tube.

Glow sticks have a wide variety of uses. In tactical situations, the police or the military uses them to mark cleared rooms or objects of note while clearing buildings during combat or help identify friendly soldiers during nighttime operations. People use them as jewellery and for recreational events, such as concerts. Marine, transportation, and mining industries also use them when LED and electric lights aren’t suitable to use.

What to Look for When Buying a Tactical Flashlight?

How to know which torch is best when buying one? There are several things to consider to ensure you make a good buying decision.

  • The brighter, the better – Look for different lighting modes and beam distance.
  • Easy to use – Simple operation is vital in stressful situations.
  • Comfortable – Ensure that the flashlight feels good in your hands, as the right size and grip are essential for confident use. When attached to a firearm, it is important that it’s correctly mounted and doesn’t obstruct your sight.
  • Durable, rugged, and long-lasting. – You should count on your flashlight in any situation and weather condition.
  • Personalised use features – Many torches have unique features like variable beams or specialised filters. Determining what you’ll use it for will help you decide on the features you need.