Winches: Versatile Pieces of Equipment, Necessary for Every Workshop

Every company that needs to buy new equipment, before making any purchase, needs to first properly assess their needs in order to pick the best products for the job. Having the right tools to get the job done is a must, as for every business, buying industrial gear needs to provide value in order to increase profits. In this article, I’ll talk about industrial winches in particular, and all the things you need to know before buying them.

Winches are extremely versatile pieces of equipment with a wide array of uses. In a shop, a winch can be mounted overhead and be used as a hoist to lift objects. As a vehicle accessory, it can be mounted on an off-road vehicle and be used to pull a vehicle or other heavy objects out of a bind. And the best part about winches is that they’re relatively inexpensive and provide great value for the money you spend on them. You can find cheap winches for sale online relatively easy – all you need to do is look them up and you’ll come accross a wide array of choices.

When looking for cheap winches for sale, there are a few things to consider before making a decision. First of all, they’re often listed as either light-duty or heavy-duty, depending on their motor type. Industrial winches usually belong to the heavy-duty type of motors. Moreover, you need to pay attention to their rating for lifting and pulling. The ones rated for lifting are marked as such, so you need to determine how you intend to use your winch in order to pusrchase the one that best fits your requirements.

Pull Rating

The pull rating indicates the weight capacity of the winch and the tensile strength of the cable. There are multiple lines of cable on the drum, and as the cable line winds around the drum on each consecutive layer of the cable, the pulling capacities are diminished. The pull rating is reduced by about 10 to 15 per cent on each layer depending on a few factors. Generally, a winch should be rated to pull 1.5 times more than the weight of the object it is pulling.

Line Length

Typically, the longer the cable on the winch is, the greater its ability to kink, snarl, tangle or jamb will be. In most cases, 30 meters of cable line is enough. You can carry an extra 30 meters with eyelets or hooks, which is usually a better option than having an extremely long cable on the winch drum.

Winch Hoist Capacity and Duty Cycle

Winch hoist capacity refers to the lifting ability and is typically expressed in kilograms. The capacity is influenced by the use of a chain instead of the steel cable used on conventional winches. The duty cycle on the other hand, expresses how long the winch motor can be operated under continuous usage and load. The lifting capacity, the horsepower of the motor, and the type of lift factor into the duty cycle of the winch hoist.