What Makes Direct Mail Marketing Win the Advertising Game

In the modern world of today we are constantly getting bombarded by ads. The 2 minute marketing break in the middle of our favourite show, the pop up ad when we check out the news on the internet, the annoying video ad on YouTube that we have to click “skip” before moving on to our favourite song… Oh, and don’t forget all the obnoxious spam e-mails that find their way to our inbox every single day. This excessive marketing has reached a level where it has begun to produce the opposite effect, in that everything has become just background noise to us and we stopped actually paying attention.

However, businesses seem to be determined to still spend their money on elaborate digital marketing campaigns. And in that vast sea where all the big fish compete for attention, no one emerges as a clear winner. The key to successfully set yourself apart and attract a potential customer’s interest is having a unique and, above all, a personal advertising approach. And since everyone has gone digital, maybe the best way to do so is to go the other way around and return to the good old direct mail marketing. Even neurological studies have shown that promotional pieces tailored specifically for particular people have a greater positive effect on them rather than digital ads meant for a broad audience.

The success of direct mail marketing might also have something to do with the extensive planing and research that goes into choosing the right campaign and aiming it at the right people. This is a tricky and time consuming matter, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of professionals. This way, businesses can save the time and effort and rest assured the marketing campaign will yield results by hiring a mail house service to go through with it.


Mail houses can effectively deal with all the targeted mailing needs of a business. What this means is that before a promotional piece is being sent out, there is a detailed database analysis to determine which individuals could respond more positively to it. For example, a golf club retailer enlists a mail house to do his marketing. The mail house will search across databases and try get their hands on lists with members in a golf club. After finding out the golfers’ contact information, the next step is to deliver the advertisement together with the daily mail that a person gets. There’s a lot of psychology going on in the background of this. Sending the promo piece by mail ensures a person will receive it, and the fact that it’s connected to something that personally interests him increases the chances of him reading it and making a purchase.

Another thing that makes outsourcing better than delivering your marketing material by yourself, is that mail houses closely work with the Australian Post. This means that all your promotional ads will reach a person together with important mail, such as bills and postcards, which increases the chances of the ad being read. Moreover, these services can offer a discount for bulk mail which means the more you send – the better the deal.

This is more cost-effective for a business than mailing single-piece mail. It might take longer to develop, but in the end, a mail marketing campaign has a great chances of succeeding in connecting a business with a potential customer on a personal level. This is an intimate connection that no digital marketing can accomplish.