Wall Lights: Three Bright Ways to Enhance the Look & Functionality of Your Home

If you ask me, the one element that makes a house a home are lights. They offer so much in terms of looks, and by looks, I don’t mean just immediate sight gratification. Great lighting fixtures look gorgeous on their own, and when placed right, they can make your interior stunning as well. Fixtures that cast light at just the proper angle, and are in just the right colour and intensity, improve the appearance of furnishings and can nicely accent a room’s architectural features.

Depending on the purpose they’re used for, there are three types of lights: ambient, accent, and task. Oh, and I’d add wall lights. The reason I consider wall fixtures a unique type of lighting is that they don’t precisely fall into a single category. In fact, they fit in all of them! These versatile lights can be used in all kinds of ways to help you create a brilliantly lit interior.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is used for the purpose its name implies – to create a nice, general ambience. As a rule, great ambient lighting shouldn’t be too harsh and tire your eyes. On the contrary, it should be soft but abundant, nicely flooding the space so that everyone can see and move around safely. In large rooms, and rooms with high ceilings, besides ceiling fixtures, walls sconces can be also installed high on the wall to add to the ambient lighting and ensure there are no dark corners.

Accent Lighting

Using wall fixtures as accent lighting is a great way to enhance a room’s appeal and add a touch of drama. Wall lights with opaque arrange the light to radiate either upwards or downwards, which creates a nice, dramatic shadow on the wall. You can also use accent wall fixtures as a way to highlight artwork, plants, décor, or interesting architectural elements. Generally, accent lighting is supposed to be brighter than ambient lighting in order to stand out better. But be careful not to overdo it as accent lighting works best when it’s in tasteful amounts.

Task Lighting

Wall lights are a very convenient choice when task lighting is concerned. For instance, mounting two wall sconces on either side of the bed in the bedroom can be a great substitute for table lamps. Plus, this way you’ll get to have more free space on your nightstand. Flush wall lights can be used in the bathroom, specifically around the mirror, which is a great way to get more visibility for your morning and nightly routines.