Organise Your Office and Double Your Productiveness

Up until I found myself stuck in a rut at work, I wasn’t exactly paying much attention to the work environment and how much damage my messy office was doing to my productiveness. There were days when I felt like I could be anywhere, except the office, then there were days I was feeling really exhausted, and then there were those days it seemed the office was making me sick.

As it turned out later, it was indeed making me sick as the piles of documents, letters, and notepads of ideas, all covered in dust, almost made me get allergic, and it was the mess that was draining all of my energy, as well as time not being able to locate a specific paper just when I needed it. The first step I made towards the path of organisation was by bringing in the trolleys. Yes, trolleys aren’t only suitable for the warehouses.

Created out of durable materials, trolleys are designed to carry heavy loads, and they can vary in terms of tiers based on the specific transporting tasks they are built to carry out. As I had found out, it is possible to buy trolleys specifically tailored to your requirements, and that’s what won me over, along with the fact they make it possible for me to easily transport piles of documentation from one place to another, and since they don’t take up too much space, I am able to have a trolley right beside me so I have all the important papers, and supplies, within reach.

Not having enough desk space thanks to my two monitors, I sought after the help of adjustable mounting monitor arms, which also helped me cut down on the neck strain and actually position the monitors in the suitable height. This led to the wish to get as many ergonomics as I could, because being pinned to the office chair day after day, for hours on end was definitely not doing my health any favours.

Not only did I get an ergonomic chair to get the much needed back and neck support, but I also got an adjustable standing workstation so whenever I feel I could do with some exercise to have some rest of all the sitting, I carry out the tasks standing. I must say the outcome of the alterations of my office turned out to be better than I expected, and I can really feel positive effects on my productiveness. Of course, I also took the office air circulation seriously, so I now have the help of a spider plant (air purifier), and a fan.