Tote Handbags Urge: Narrow Down The Search

Lately I’ve been wondering how could women in the past go out only with their most basic essentials, such as their wallet and lipstick, and we, modern women, carry so many things in our bags that sometimes searching for the keys seems to take forever. If you too are like me, a modern woman who wants to have everything she needs (and doesn’t need) while away from home, but are so overwhelmed by the load you carry with you – you are on the right place.

Being the stylish woman you are, I know you strive to look your best every single day while running around the city trying to get everything done. That was me few years ago, and believe me, I know the struggle. But time flies so fast, especially when you live in a big city and are constantly in a hurry trying to catch the bus that always seems to leave right in front of your nose. And exactly for that reason you need to have all of your daily essentials safely packed.

Need to take your laptop to work with you? No problem, tote handbags are your savior for long, busy days. With their spacious interior, long shoulder straps and a few compartments, tote handbags are your ally to having all you need right with you at all times. My tote is my best friend on endless busy days with my kids, running around in the mall shopping with them or when taking them to the playground in between my yoga classes. But all that load on my shoulders is definitely not a friend of mine; it is an enemy in the disguise of a pretty bag.

So if you are anything like me, it is high time you learned what you really need to carry in your purse and make your life and load easier. But before you make the purchase, take a look at some of the few things to pay attention to when shopping for tote handbags.

Various Compartments

Look for tote handbags that come with various interior and exterior pockets to keep your things organized and keep your sanity when searching for your keys. If the bag features a long adjustable strap, even better, since it will allow you to shift the weight by wearing it on your shoulder or as a cross-body one.

Leather Straps

You can put your faith in tote handbags that feature leather straps and a cotton interior because they can carry the weight of your laptop and keep your belongings protected from any bump-ins while walking. Another feature to look for is a top zipper which adds another layer of security while on the train.

Reversible Totes

Reversible totes can be used on both sides, and which side you choose says a lot about how you feel. Break out the shine side when you’re feeling festive, or stick to black side when you need to get back to business.

Natural Leather Shopper

A natural leather shopper featuring a handy exterior pocket makes a great choice. It allows you to have your most-need items (phone, keys, bus card) within reach, meaning no more needless stress thinking you lost your keys.

Boxy Shape

A boxy shape tote bag is all about business. Paired with a croc-effect exterior, a bag like this will certainly help you leave a strong fashionable impression. Give preference to boxy shape tote handbags that have clean lines and a sophisticated colourful finish for the ultimate effect.