Top Essentials for Hosting the Perfect Outdoor BBQ Party

For families like mine, outdoor parties don’t end when summer does. We love spending time in our backyard, enjoying the fresh air and each other’s company. All that accompanied by great food. And by ‘great food’ I mean barbecue. Yum! It really is the signature food for the lovely bunch of people that happen to be my family, and boy do we like making our friends and loved ones happy with our deliciously cooked food and drinks.

Summer in Australia may be over, but the weather is still good and it’s still nothing that a couple of heaters and a marquee can’t fix in case our surprise guest is light Aussie rain. So, every now and then, we love throwing a good old barbecue party for our close ones. Here’s what it usually takes to prepare for it.


A Grill

Food makes any party livelier and richer, especially when it’s prepared with love. The juicy veggies and meat, cooked slowly to get their flavours intensified are to die for. We try to spice up our BBQ parties by looking up various recipes from all around the world and try new dishes every once in a while. Of course, their taste greatly depends on the type of BBQ they’re cooked on, so we made sure to invest in a quality model.

While there are many options when it comes to BBQs, we decided to look through the range of gas BBQs. So, we ended up getting a five-burner gas grill. It’s the perfect size for our family, not too small nor too big. We went with natural gas because it’s more affordable and eco-friendly. Moreover, the grill makes the meat juicier and it’s easier to clean afterwards. If you’re wondering ‘what should I look for in a gas BBQ?’ like I was before I did my homework on the matter, you should know there are a couple of factors to consider before making the final buying decision.

Consider whether you want to browse through the range of propane or natural gas BBQs. Natural gas requires a gas line where your grill will be located. Although many grills can be bought in both configurations, you can’t run a propane grill on natural gas or vice-versa.

As for the material, the main body of the grill is typically made from cast aluminium, cast iron, sheet metal, or stainless steel. The preferred option for professional cooking equipment is usually stainless steel. However, it also consequently more expensive. Besides the body, make sure you also pay attention to the frame as there are many “stainless steel” grills that have painted steel frames that can easily rust.



Give your guests the option to choose from both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so they can quench their thirst as they please. Iced green tea with fresh mint and honey and a wheat ale lemon shandy provide refreshing twists on old favourites. Basically, get a bit of everything that your crew loves and fill up your cooler with a variety of drinks. Attach a bottle opener to it with the help of a piece of string so that it stays there throughout the entire party. Cheers!

Set the Scene

When hosting, it’s really important to create the proper ambience, and that usually starts with the decorations. Playing music in the background is also a great way to level up the atmosphere. Stream yours and your guests’ favourite songs to lift the mood.



It all depends on the size of your space, but having a central table for guests to eat at and a side table to serve up drinks and food would be ideal. The simplest way to decorate is by stringing bunting from your fence, wall, or tables, combined with balloons. Choose a colour theme and match your serving plates and bowls with cups and cutlery to tie everything nicely together. For a gorgeous finishing touch, decorate the tables with some floral centrepieces.


Long gone are the days of bulky outdoor lights. The new and lightweight technology of today can be easily moved and placed wherever needed. And let’s not forget that solar lighting is also a great low-maintenance and cost-effective solution. It can be easily integrated into most gardens and outdoor spaces without the need for any power cords and cables.