Think of the Skin: Use Natural Oil Soap

Are you obsessed with germs? I used to be, though I admit I wasn’t anything near the OCD level of germ phobia like Adrian Monk. Notice how I said “used to be” instead of present tense?

It all happened unexpectedly when I found out over the counter antibacterial soaps weren’t as effective as I thought them to be in destroying harmful bacteria and protecting from illnesses, and instead looked for natural oil soap alternatives.

After all, organic products abound nowadays thanks to the organic lifestyle trends, so I figured this to be a way to cut down on toxins I expose myself to on a daily basis. Unlike the antibacterial soaps full of chemicals (worse if triclocarban is one of them) natural soaps are made from natural ingredients which is great in many ways.

Though I’ve never experienced any problems with my skin, using antibacterial for years showed me signs of dryness, even

natural oil soap if my skin has always been the normal type. With dryness there also appeared to be sensitivity issues throughout the years, from mere irritation to soreness. Of course, at the time I didn’t know it was the soap to blame!

As soon as I’d made the shift, and introduced natural oil soap in my life, it’s impossible not to notice the difference. Even if commercial soaps have natural oils mentioned in the ingredients, they’re probably not the pure oils as they are in the natural alternatives but rather processed.

One of the primary changes when I started using natural soaps was the irritation and soreness disappeared. As for the germ aspect, considering they are pure oils, they have their own natural antibacterial properties and besides the protection from harmful bacteria, so there’s no need for chemicals. I no longer have to worry about germs, knowing nature has the way to deal with them.

At the same time, they’re great for the skin and can be relaxing too, especially if they have essential oils among the ingredients, which gives them special fragrance. Best of all is they’re safe to use, even for people with sensitive skin and the delicate skin of kids, and some, as in the case of gardenia soaps, they can help with certain issues, like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

What I’ve come to love about these soaps is how versatile they are, gentle on the skin and the way they keep it soft as well as moisturised. It also makes me happy to know I now use eco-friendly products since they don’t contain synthetic chemicals and are biodegradable.