The Role of the Platter for Perfectly Served Breakfast in Bed

It’s a chilly Saturday morning in Melbourne, and I’m still in my bed with eyes half-opened trying to get up and start the day after a very long and fun night out. Chilly Saturday mornings are everything but easy to get up and start functioning; instead, I’d rather curl in my warm cozy blanket and lay there for about an hour more just to convince my mind that I have to get up and seize the day. And while I’m battling with my desire to sleep and the urge to get up and live, my wonderful, amazing, and very careful boyfriend comes with a platter filled with morning goodies you’d otherwise see as a very painful morning activity. Breakfast in bed! Ah, the good life.

I’d say my boyfriend is a pretty good cook; he has a thing for the kitchen which I find very attractive and between us, very convenient. While he loves experimenting with food ideas, I love experimenting with kitchen necessities like utensils, dishes and platters. Make no mistake, just like everything in my apartment was chosen to perfectly fit the entire ambiance, so were the kitchen appliances. Since I’m talking about the breakfast in bed, obviously, the most important thing here is the platter.

If you’re a detail oriented person, the first thing you’re going to notice when your incredibly handsome boyfriend comes in shirtless with breakfast to wake you up, is the platter in which the breakfast is served. You don’t want to be served a fancy breakfast in a simple and dull-looking tray! It ruins the mood and crushes the idea you have in your mind about the perfect morning breakfast experience. And God forbid you get your fancy breakfast served in the simple plastic, wood-looking tray that hospitals use to serve patients with food; oh my God NO. If you have something of the kind in your kitchen, throw it away ASAP. You want to be spoiled, not threatened like your life’s on the line.

A vintage looking acacia tray

Vintage Looking Aracia Tray

This is my platter – made of quality acacia wood, painted in white, and designed specifically for serving breakfast in bed, since you know, even in the commercial world of today, this is a real thing. I deliberately chose one in white colour, because I like it to fit my bedroom environment; white bed sheets and pillow cases and a dose of sunlight to make every other colour pop in its best. And more importantly, everything looks better served on a white platter – white symbolises purity, cleanness and class.

A metal tray for the extremely modern ones

The white vintage looking platter simply wouldn’t fit in a room with grey, red and black colours. These are colours mainly used for modern rooms, where metal and glass details dominate the ambiance. Here you’d love having breakfast served in a metal tray, one of those ultra fancy round ones. These are generally smaller, but then again, you don’t usually eat much at breakfast, do you?

A serving round board for the gourmands

Some people think of food as an experience and a trip to tastes for their mouths. These people enjoy food and a small breakfast for them is an offence (no pun intended). A serving round (or square) board is a large type of serving tray and it’s generally not used for serving breakfast but for serving food directly on it, like different types of cheese for instance. However, since they’re large and have one handle, they can easily be used for the idea.

Pay attention to your platters – small chunks of beauty first thing in the morning can really make your day.