The Perfect Mattress Topper For All the Sleepers Out There

Have you ever actually thought: “I’m exhausted from sleeping, I have to wake up now?” Oh, I have, and not once or twice, but almost every night during the last few years. And I’m not just talking about the need to wake up because of my newborn’s unstoppable crying at three o’clock in the morning, but also because of the unbearable pain my who knows how many years old mattress is giving me. I’ve never really thought of actually buying a new mattress, I just liked complaining I guess. Other things always came first, like a flat screen TV, a new trendy sofa or the latest floral wallpapers for the living room. But many things have changed since the baby’s arrival, and getting a good night’s sleep, my friends, has become even more impossible.


When one morning my husband woke up to get ready for work and said he couldn’t move because of the terrible pain he felt in his lower back, we asked ourselves how did we come to this? After a whole year of remodelling and changing furniture every now and then, we simply ignored the importance of a good mattress. But that morning we both agreed that it’s high time we put an end to our unnecessary miseries and go buy a new one. Yay!

Knowing the many disadvantages of our old mattress, it was easier for us to search for a new one. We knew what we wanted: a good night’s sleep, but even having that in mind, running from one department store to another and looking for the perfect mattress was way more exhausting than we expected it to be. There was always something that didn’t meet our expectations: the price, the height, the comfort, the material. But it was all forgotten when we accidentally stumbled upon this budget – friendly, comfy and super cool bamboo mattress topper that we instantly fell in love with! It was the perfect fit and we didn’t even have to worry about throwing that old mattress of ours, we simply covered it with the bamboo mattress topper and that was about it. It’s also so easy to wash and wait for it… it comes in different colours! Also, if for some reason you’re a weirdo and you’re not happy with your purchase, (which I highly doubt will happen) you’re free to exchange it or they will offer you a refund.


So why am I telling you all of this? Well, obviously because I’m such a good friend and I want to guide you to the best sleep you’ll ever experience. The great thing about the bamboo mattress topper is that you can buy it online, and you have to admit it, that always comes in handy. And also because I know it’s very easy for us people to attach to a simple object and don’t want to let it go because we have so many memories with it or simply because we’re used to it, and that’s totally fine. If you’re tied to your mattress and you’re not ready to replace it, you should know that there is another option for you, so don’t hesitate to give it a chance. Trust me, you’ll sleep as tight as Sleeping beauty’s princess Aurora and will be thanking me until the days grow us old and quality mattresses won’t even matter (chuckles).