The Distinct Features of RC Rock Crawlers

RC rock crawling is one of the newest RC hobbies that has gained a lot of popularity among enthusiasts and has even lead to special competitions focusing on it. The main reason why RC rock crawlers have become so popular is the fact that they present a brand new set of skills and challenges that even the most seasoned RC hobbyists can have a hard time overcoming. Driving over terrains covered with obstacles like dry river beds, tough rock formations, steep hills and trails, and special obstacle courses – all these are terrains that even RC trucks can’t handle.

Unlike most other RC vehicles, rock crawler RC vehicles don’t focus on speed. Instead, they focus on problem solving by using the truck’s maneuverability, torque and power to drive through and over difficult obstacles and terrain. This is made possible thanks to the defining features a rock crawler RC vehicle has to offer – a 4WD, high ground clearance and torque, electronic speed controls, flexible suspension system, and rock crawling optimised tyres. Let’s discuss the features in more detail.RC rock crawling3


– RC crawlers need more torque than most other RC vehicles in order to drive over uneven and steep rough surfaces. For that reason, they have low gear ratios and one or two electric motors to deliver steady power at low speeds.


Clearance – RC crawlers also need more ground clearance than other RC vehicles in order to drive over obstacles without getting damaged or stuck. The ground clearance is provided by special suspension systems and large tyres, while keeping a low center of gravity so that they don’t roll or tip over easily.


– RC crawlers feature articulating, flexible suspension systems that have quick response shocks. This feature lets them maximize the odds of having all the wheels on the ground, so that you have more propelling power when going over obstacles.


– As RC crawlers need to steer around obstacles, they require high torque steering servos to turn their large wheels in limited spaces. For this reason, they should have 4 wheel steering, as it provides multiple modes to steer both the rear and front wheels for performing more challenging maneuvers and turns around obstacles.

Locked Differentials

– RC crawlers feature locked differentials on their 4WD so they can stop power from being diverted to wheels which aren’t on the ground or just spin. This allows for much better traction when maneuvering and crawling over obstacles.