Skateboard: Learn How To Ride

Skateboarding is a type of recreational activity that can help you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, meet new friends, relieve stress and anxiety and even prevent or deal with depression. So, if you have enough spare time and want to learn how to rock the skateboard, you have come to the right place.

You might have already bought your very first one, but if you haven’t, you can find a vast array (both online and in stores) and choose the skateboard to match your preference and style.

After you are all set equipment wise, it is time to own your skateboard with the right moves. First things first, the basics are the most important part that will pave the way for everything else that follows.


The first thing you need to figure out when learning to skateboard is how to maintain balance. Make sure that the first couple of times you are trying out your initial moves somewhere safe. After you have picked your leading foot, it is important to practice getting on the board regularly because in time your brain will start perceiving these new movements as natural and you will start doing it with your yes closed. Your whole body weigh should be equally balanced between the feet, the leading foot should be positioned at the middle of the board and the other one should be ready to do all the pushing. While you are doing the push, make sure that you bend the knee of your leading leg.


Although turning sounds more complicated than maintaining balance it is much more easier to achieve and every experienced skater will tell you that after you have learn balance, turning comes naturally. There are two basic ways to turn on a skateboard. The first one is leaning. You can make a turn by leaning forward to make a left turn or a lean backward to make a turn on the right side. The second type of turning is used when you want to make a clear and sharp turn. In this case you need to apply pressure to the tale of your skateboard, lift its front part and point it toward the wanted direction. Simple as that!

Once you feel confident enough on your skateboard, it is time for that next level which includes learning various tips and tricks. This is the level of coolness every skater seeks to achieve, so put the headphones on, play some cool song and get your skating groove on! Good luck!