Protective Laptop Case: Protect Your Laptop During Transport

I know how your heart instantly stops when you have to rush to work in the morning making your way through traffic jam on your bike, or in the crowded metro with your laptop in your hands. No, not because you’re late, but because your laptop is not exactly something you can afford to replace every month. And you’re not going to, because as any smart human being on the planet, you’re going to get a protective laptop suitcase and still rush to work, just won’t worry about smashing the most valuable possession you have. At the moment at least.

So, how do you choose a protective laptop case that will be all-in-one: protecting your laptop, looking fancy and fashionable and being comfortable enough to carry it in crazy traffic jam and busy streets? Easy – you follow these few simple guidelines:

  1. Cover the basics first: material and construction

    A good protective laptop case should be made of a quality and durable material so that it lasts long and it actually protects your laptop. You can choose from plastic, aluminium or the more sophisticated ones, laminated ply models. Have in mind that plastic cases tear easily, and you’ll have to replace them regularly, which is not something you’d want to do. The interior of the case should also have one very important feature: padding. Padding should consist of cushions that will provide a soft surface for your laptop. Additionally, straps are also a good idea.

  1. Next thing to not neglect is dimensions

    If your laptop is small and you have a case for a large device, you can’t expect it to stay in place and not get scratched and damaged eventually. It can’t stay in place and neither cushions nor straps will help you in this case. So, make sure you get a case according to the dimensions of your laptop. Also, make sure you get something that will fit perfectly but will also allow enough space for other office supplies like notebooks, papers and similar stuff in it.

  1. Style matters

    The non-verbal message your laptop case sends is really important: do you have a sense for style, for practicality and comfort? You may not get one with flowers and stars and all those cute design patterns, but you most certainly need to get something to suit your overall style. A laptop case that looks like a businessman’s briefcase would be perfect exactly for that group of people: businessmen, all suited-up, with their laptop and documents in their bag.

  1. Finally, have a concept

    If you’re in the business of photography, music, or any other technological area where you need 2, 3 or more laptops on the road with you all the time, then a laptop case that can accommodate more than one device at a time would be the normal thing to choose. Yes, you can place all of them in bags and believe they won’t get damaged, but someone who has a concept and follows certain principles would choose the easier and more secure way: a protective laptop case.