Planning to go on a Holiday? Think of Your Feet!


Ahh, holiday, who doesn’t want one? I was strolling around the city with a friend the other day, when a woman bumped into me, wearing one of the “I need a six month vacation, twice a year” shirts, and apart from the chuckle it brought me, it made me reflect on the need to have some well-deserved rest every now and then.

I can’t wait for my holiday time to arrive, and while I still have a month left for it, now is as good a time as any to start with the preparations. I’m not going to reveal the destination just yet but all I can say is it’s going to be overseas!

It’s really exciting and I love this part of a trip, deciding what to pack up, planning my daily schedules, separating into categories of what I must visit and what isn’t that worthy of my time to visit, finding out as much as I can about the place and deciding on my daily expenditures.

Having had a bad experience with my bag almost getting lost from an airline, I now only travel with a carry-on meaning I don’t have too much storage to count on so every piece of clothing and item has to be given a lot of thought and that’s why mens lightweight travel shoes make part of my bare necessities.

Unlike before when I was packing up at least two pairs, now I can’t afford to carry more than I need so my choice of shoes had to be improved, focusin on comfort first and foremost. Exploring cities for hours per day can be tiring, and given that it’s easy to get carried away when seeing all the beauty around, I never paid discomfort much attention until having to deal with blisters and athlete’s foot afterwards.

From only having fashionable shoes to switching to a pair that’s both comfortable and stylish, I can say I’ve come a long way. If you travel like me, walking for hours and hours, it’s important to buy mens lightweight travel shoes that are orthotic, waterproof, breathable, equipped with a removable midsole for arch support and comfort, flexible sole with traction and footbed treated with antimicrobial solution.

They make a great investment considering you’d have odour-free shoes and dry feet even if you wear them all day long. To make the most of comfort I also pay attention to the socks, specifically the fabric, and thanks to the moisture-wicking and soft properties of bamboo, it’s my top choice for socks.

If there’s one advice I can give to travellers, it’s this one: Think of your feet before you embark on an adventure!