Pillow Top Mattress: Add Some Plush, Make Your Bedroom Lush

I am a huge freak when it comes to sleeping. I do not just go to bed; I prepare myself for the process big time: I turn off all electronics an hour before I decide to go to sleep, open windows and doors for some fresh air to get in and then I take a shower and do my go-to-bed rituals. And when I reach my mattress, that’s what I call a heavenly experience: lying down on a soft yet sturdy enough, clean and freshly scented surface – instant happiness.

You can only imagine that the condition of the mattress, the construction, the material and all the accompanying finesses are some sort of a project of mine – I do a case study before I buy one. Now I own a pillow top mattress, and to be honest, it turned out to be a very good decision and investment. Let me share a part of my knowledge on these amazing mattresses.

What exactly is a pillow top mattress?

This type of mattress does not differ largely from other types of mattresses; the main difference is in the upholstery which looks and feels like a giant pillow. In most cases, it is permanently attached to the mattress, hence the name.

The purpose

The pillow top serves a number of purposes. It creates a softer surface which in turn amounts for better sleep. The construction of the mattress below the pillow is sturdy and supports the body, but the pillow top serves as a bridge between the mechanism of the mattress and your body. In addition, since in some cases the pillow top isn’t permanently attached to the mattress, you can take it off and clean it or replace it, instead of buying a new mattress.

The advantages

For people who tend to sleep on their side, this type of matress is a great choice simply because it reduces the pressure on your shoulders and hips. Because it’s a large soft surface, the pillow top largely alleviates that pressure, making it a lot easier to sleep for side sleepers. The mattress takes the pressure off the main trouble areas: the shoulders and the rotator cuffs, while contouring perfectly to the hips.

That being said, as a side sleeper you get to sleep on your side a lot longer without a lot of turning and tossing, which ultimately results in a higher quality sleeping. If you sleep mostly on your back, you will also enjoy a pillow top mattress, because the pillow top surface will fill in that gap between your lower back and the matress which results in pain in the morning. When your lower back does not undergo as much pressure, the sleep will be a lot more pleasant.

In short, a pillow top mattress is what you buy when you want to add some lush feel to your bedroom. When you want to sleep like a real baby, even for as little as 6 hours.