My New Love: Acoustic Guitars!

Music is one of those pleasures in life we should all be thankful for; if you think about it, there’s the right song to accompany any event in life, or any mood for that matter. I’ve always considered myself a rock fan, and as much as I had the wish to learn how to play the guitar, I never really got to.

There were countless reasons I came up with over the years as to why I didn’t learn, mostly it was time and the difficulty of playing, until I decided you’re never too old to learn something if you really want it.

After a period of indecisiveness (yes, men too can be indecisive), I chose the acoustic and while I still can’t say I’m proud of my playing skills, I know more of strings than I ever did, from why they are so important to how to buy acoustic guitar strings online and save up time.

When it comes to producing incredible sound, these guitars solely rely on the strings, as opposed to electric guitar amplifiers and effects, so it’s a must to choose quality and it’s not just the body shape of the guitar that matters as I previously thought.

Acoustic Guitars

If they are made by expert machinists, then I know they are the quality acoustic guitars strings online I can buy, made from top-notch materials.

Materials have a say in how strong strings are, and because I don’t intend to spend money on strings every month or so like some of my friends, I choose strength and buy aluminium bronze or eventually phosphor bronze, but never pure bronze despite the bright sound they produce.

Since we all produce oils when we sweat while playing, we affect the quality of the strings eventually, hence the coated type preventing sweat corrosion. Other than durability, they are also known for the flexibility and maximum output.

Next, the gauges, i.e. the string thickness. I wasn’t sure where to begin with them, but after coming to distinguish them between lighter and heavier, easier to play with and harder to play with, it was obvious, as a beginner I had to go with the lighter gauges, opting for 12s.

I’m thinking of giving the heavier gauges a try, yet for the time being I’m only focused on improving my playing. Though I know I won’t turn into a star, I can at least be the star of my family gatherings, and play my music when I’m feeling happy or low.