Mum’s Guide to Stylish Newborn Headbands: Accessorise Your Bub’s Look

Is there anything cuter than a little newborn dressed in style?! With an extensive range of stylish clothes and accessories, moms like me can turn their little bundles of joy into tiny little princesses from day one. Speaking of accessories, the most commonly used ones for baby girls are newborn headbands which are available in countless types, designs, colours and looks. Speaking from a personal point of view, they’re the most adorable and fashionable pieces of accessories that a baby girl can own.

Can Newborns Wear Headbands?

bows for newborns

This might be one of the most common concerns new parents have about headbands since most of them fear hurting their little fragile heads. The answer is yes because nowadays you have the freedom to choose from several headband for newborn sizes which eases your choice and decision-making and gives you the peace of mind you need.

You can also choose ones made of natural and breathable material, so your baby could feel comfortable all the time. The only thing to remember is to remove the headband when not around your little bub just for precaution. Even though newborns can’t turn on the side or turn their heads, you may feel calmer if you remove the headband when she’s in her nursery, sleeping in her crib.

Benefits of Wearing Baby Headbands

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Whenever wanting to add something special to your little baby girl’s outfit in order to be more eye-catching, you can never go wrong with adding a headband on her tiny head. Usually coming with breathtaking bows ranging in shape, size, colour and design, these stylish newborn headbands can enhance your baby’s look while adding to her cuteness even more.

They’re pretty affordable fashion accessories that can match any outfit of your baby girl without compromising her comfort. Since they are available in endless options, they allow you to choose the one according to what your baby girl is wearing. Personally, I have them in a variety of types which makes it easy for me to make countless combinations on my little bub.

Aside from being a fashionable pieces of accessory, a headband newborn bow can also keep your baby’s ears warm and cosy especially when it’s chilly outside. And if your little one is like mine with longer front hairs, these headbands will keep them away from her face and eyes. But a lot of mums use headbands for completely other reasons like preventing or treating folded ears as well as ears that stick out.

What Are Protruding Ears?

By seeing the anatomy of the ears, it can be said that protruded ears are those that stick out more than 2 centimetres, and most of these cases are considered to be deformities that are present from birth. The main reasons for ears that stick out are:

  • Excess cartilage in the concha (the bowl-shaped part of the ear that pushes the ear away from the head)
  • An underdeveloped antihelical fold
  • A combination of both where both of them contribute to ears sticking out

Luckily, prominent ears can be easily fixed if the diagnosis has been made before the baby is three months old. The easiest and most convenient way to resolve this is with the use of an ear mould that can be taped on a baby’s ears. When applied at a young age, these moulds can reshape the baby’s ears without the need for surgery later on.

But in many cases, moms don’t feel comfortable taping the ears of their babies, so they turn to the use of the good old headbands for girls, or baby hats for boys. If the weather’s hot and you don’t want to put a hat on your baby’s head, you can opt for simple plain headbands in white colour and put them on your boy’s head at least when at home when no one’s watching. That way, you can easily fix your little baby’s ears without fearing that the ear tape’s adhesive will pull his hair.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Material

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Even if you choose a looser headband that isn’t pressing the head of your little bub, still, the material plays a huge role in how comfortable she’ll feel. Just like choosing quality clothes, I also strived to find newborn headbands made of natural organic material like cotton.

Because the baby’s skin is extremely fragile and gentle, it can be of help to choose and buy headbands made of organic cotton, just like all of the baby’s clothes. The reason for this is organic cotton is made under strict rules where no pesticides and synthetic fertilisers and chemicals are used for its production. Precisely this makes it the ideal option for children, even the ones with the most sensitive skin.

Organic cotton is a soft and breathable fabric that allows the skin to breathe which is quite important during the warmer time of the year. It has lots of antibacterial properties and it’s extremely durable, meaning that it can last a lifetime if you take proper care of it.