Making the Best Out of Your Hearing Test

Hearing loss is incredibly hard to deal with, both for the person who suffers and their loved ones. I realized this from the very beginning of my own story. The amount of frustration and negative energy that overwhelmed me was too much to bare, so I decided to ask for professional help, instead of getting one step closer to driving my family mad.

The reason why it was so hard for me to accept this disability, was the fact that my whole life has been about music. Listening to music, making music and writing about music. Once I started to lose the most precious sense of mine, I realized that I will never be able to hear and distinguish those minor and major chords as clear and sublime as before.

However, once my hearing tests Melbourne journey started, I realized that the technological devices designed to help people like me have become so sleek and potent, that the hard of hearing are nowadays able to live completely normal lives without having to miss out on the beautiful sounds that surround us.

My very personal choice were and still are, of course, the incredible CICs, since they are placed completely inside the ear canal – hence their name. But until I got to the right decision, I had to undergo several non-invasive tests that included me sitting in a room with headphones on and listening to different kinds of sounds at a frequency that was constantly changing. I had to give specific signs to my audiologist when I felt as if this is as far as my hearing abilities can go and I cannot hear a thing no more.

Luckily, in my case, the impairment was not as advanced and alarming as I feared, so I was able to choose whatever type of hearing aid I want. People that suffer from a very advanced level of hearing impairment might not be able to do that, but in a few years, new updates will dawn in the field of audiology and I believe that everyone will be able to wear invisible hearing aids.

My most sincere advice to those of you who are hesitant about visiting a clinic right away and giving chance to the professionals to sort out the best possible solution for you is to stop postponing at once! Find a reliable clinic with the best hearing tests Melbourne can offer and let yourself regain the ability to be a part of everything that is going on around you sound-wise.