Iconic Pieces of Mid-Century Design That Can Bring a Retro Vibe to Your Home

Despite all the developments in contemporary design, I still find myself drawn to the way the homes way back in the sixties used to look. Furniture with simple geometric lines, industrial-inspired lighting and bold pops of colour – what is there not to love about mid-century design? And thanks to shows like Mad Men, it’s now back in a big way. Today, almost every furniture retailer sells mid-century pieces that can help you transform your home in a place where Don Draper would love to have a drink after a busy day at work. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic ones.

Mid Century Side Tables

mid century side tables

A longtime favourite of mine, mid century side tables are a dream come true for people who love simplicity. You can instantly recognize them by their compact box-like shape and long slim legs. Their simple design makes these mid-century gems a great addition to any living room, no matter how small or large it is. But despite having a compact footprint, mid century side tables often offer plenty of storage in the form of drawers which makes them ideal as a nightstand. Besides being functional, they are also very durable as they are often made of high-grade hardwoods such as oak, walnut and maple. Available in a variety of finishes and colours, you can easily find the perfect option for you.

The Eames Lounge Chair

mid century side tables 2

The Eames lounge chair is perhaps the most iconic mid-century furniture piece. Despite being first released in 1956, the chair is still popular today among homeowners who appreciate a dose of comfort and coolness. While the original might cost a small fortune, there are many affordable replicas that can offer you the same mid-century appeal for less. When coupled with an ottoman, the Eames lounge can provide you with a double dose of comfort.

Sputnik Style Chandeliers

mid century side tables 3

When it comes to retro chandeliers, the sputnik style fixture is definitely the most distinct one. Its design resembles that of an atom, with a nucleus in the centre and slender arms going outwards on which light bulbs are attached. The result is a dramatic look that can turn your home into a unique and vibrant space.

Mid Century Sofas

Born in the 1950s, mid-century sofas have become symbols of fine design over the years. With their clean lines, gentle wooden tones, and warm materials, these sofas can bring a dose of retro style to any living room. While they can be paired with any modern style, mid-century sofas can really shine in Scandinavian-style spaces.