Horseback Riding: Who Should Wear What

I’ve been in love with horses since I was a little girl; they are extremely peaceful, looking so gracious and elegant, strong and protective – simply amazing. My grandfather used to own a horse, and he used to allow me to climb on his back once in a while and ride him in the yard. With his help of course. And after I grew old enough, it was more than obvious: if I was going to be practising some kind of sport, it would be horseback riding.

Now I do horseback riding regularly, partially because I like to compete from time to time, and partially because I love it and take it as a form of relaxation, especially on Sundays. One thing I can’t understand though, is how some people think that riding a horse is the same as riding a motorbike; it’s not the same people! You can easily ride a motorbike in your jeans, but climbing on a horse’s back with a pair of jeans is just plain silly. Another thing is thinking of the horse as a ready-to-go mean of transportation. No no, the horse is a living creature, and just like you don’t get up from bed and go to work but get ready first, the horse needs to be prepared as well.

Beside the techniques for preparing the horse for riding like mild warm-up exercises, food and drinks, a very important aspect of getting a horse ready to ride is the equipment used. So naturally, a question pops up here: who should wear what? To clear things up, no, you don’t just get on the horse’s back and ride it. The horse has his own equipment made of horse supplies online available to buy, which makes the entire riding experience easier for the both of you.

Starting with the saddle pad, which is a small piece of material you put on the horse’s back directly, followed by the saddle and a seat. Along with these, there are a few bands that go on the horse’s head, like a headstall, a brow band, the cheek piece and a nose band. Of course, the saddle strips are attached to these, as their purpose suggests. Depending on the type of ride (longer or shorter), and whether you want them as accessories, you can also get the saddle bags, which go on the backside of your horse.

Your horse supplies online hunt doesn’t end here; as a horseback rider, you have the obligation to look as one and not embarrass your horse. That means you need to wear the proper clothes and shoes to look amazing and to also feel safe and comfortable.

First and most important, you should always wear horse riding boots. These can be cowboy boots, tall English boots or short Chelsea boots. Next come the trousers. There are special equestrian pants called jodhpurs. These are easier to wear as they stretch a lot more than other pieces of clothing, providing you with a greater freedom of movement. And you’ll need the bigger freedom of movement, as you’ll need to squeeze and release the horse for communicating with him. As for upper wear, you can choose either a shirt or a tee, depending on the weather and what feels better for you. For competing, you’ll also need a tailored jacket for the fully authentic equestrian look. And finally, the hat. It’s actually a horse riding helmet which is designed to protect your head. You should always wear your helmet while on the horse.

In short, there are rules for who should wear what when horse riding. The horse has his own equipment, the rider has his own. And when all needs are perfectly taken care of, the experience is more than amazing.