Creativity Knows No Bounds: Home Uses for Hazard Warning Tape

There’s nothing like a bit of creativity to improve your life. People who use creativity on a daily basis to repair or make something from scratch rather than simply resort to go shopping for a certain item have always been my inspiration.

Along with keeping yourself busy with something other than using electronics, you get to enhance your problem solving skills in a way which is why I make sure to have more creativity time throughout the week. I recently got challenged by hazard warning tape giving myself the task to come up with more uses that turn out to be helpful.

It’s not exactly an item you consider using at home, at least for me it’s been strictly warehouse-related, however, not only did I discover its versatility, since there’s more than one type of hazard warning tape in a variety of colours with or without print, I also got motivated to use it around the home.

It ended up being my favourite tool as of late and saved me some money at that. For example, did you know you can save yourself the worry of having your fence run over by vehicles simply by covering it up with tape, making it more visible from a distance.

The same goes for the mailbox in case it’s near the road or the pathway of your home; the tape would save you a lot of trouble. I have a lovely tree that happens to be a bit in the way of the pathway and visitors need more time to actually spot it after dark but nothing that the tape couldn’t fix!

As much as I enjoy staying in shape, and I don’t always have a strict schedule when to do physical activities, yet I stick to jogging or cycling in the morning instead of at night out of fear of being run over. Well, guess what? Lately, I did both after sunset and loved it, all thanks to the tape that gave me the peace of mind.

The bike itself has reflectors, but you can never be too careful. I could buy high visibility clothing but for now I am content with my own creation – warning tape shirt and yoga pants! A bit of tape on the bike and clothing, and I’m off to exercise!

The next use for the tape I have in mind is for my upcoming camping trip, applying it to the campervan for additional safety and I don’t expect that to be the last use either. More tape inspiration coming soon!