Health Benefits of White Wine

White wine – the drink divine in nature and colour and perfect elixir for regenerating your taste buds and soul. You just want to gulp it down like there is no tomorrow. Add smoked salmon and dill spaghetti and you’ve got yourself a win-win combination; a heart healthy meal loaded with antioxidants.

I do not care what others say, I would choose white wine over red every time. You too should choose white wine as it is good for your health (of course if you consume it in moderation), plus it has just 120 calories per serving (147g). Here are few health-worthy benefits that will change your mind about Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Moscato; soon you’ll say goodbye to Merlot and Cabernet.

Heart Health

They claim the same for red wines but recent studies suggests that the antioxidants found in white wines (which are also found in olive oil) help prevent blocking arteries and can significantly boost heart function. According to doctors, a glass of white wine a day will keep heart problems away.

Improved Lung Functionality

A recent study done by the Buffalo medical school, suggests that consuming white wine can boost lung functionality and health.

Protection Against Breast Cancer

With Breast cancer being the main reason for increasing number of deaths in women, doctors recommend drinking white wine. Thanks to powerful antioxidants, one glass per day of fine white wine can lower the risks of breast cancer.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Researchers at John Hopkins Medicine say that any type of alcohol can help reduce the risk of heart attack. While they do not put the white wine on a pedestal here, the study showed red wine is weaker than the white wine in fighting the potential heart diseases. Hence, choose white wine over reds.

Migraine Blocker

White wine unlike red (which actually can sometimes cause sever headaches), will make migraine go away. It is still uncertain why red wines trigger migraines, but luckily there is always a white wine to help you feel better.

Red wine may be the perfect match to some foods and occasions, but for me it is the white wine (be it Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc) that is the staple at the dinner table or any get-together, reunion and party for that matter. It goes perfectly with cheeses (both soft and hard), fruit & vegetables, meat & poultry and seafood (best with white fish) making wine & cheese parties a piece of cake.