A Guide to Mule Shoes: Comfy and Stylish Footwear for Every Occasion (from Work to Going Out)

Few modern footwear trends offer the style and comfort that mules do. Women all around the world wear these shoes for both casual and professional occasions. Women often favour them over conventional high heels because of the comfort they provide. They make you look chic and fashionable without giving you blisters or pain. Rumour has it that they were Marilyn Monroe’s favourite type of shoes. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

Where Do Mule Shoes Come From?

In the world of footwear, mules are not a recent fad or fashion. Although they’ve had a recent spike in popularity recently, the mule has a far longer history. Are you curious about the origins of mules and the reasons behind their enduring appeal?

The word “mule” has a Latin origin that dates back to the time of ancient Rome, but it wasn’t until the 16th century that this word came to mean a backless shoe. While mules are now worn on a variety of occasions (which is perhaps why Marylin Monroe found them so alluring), they were originally worn as a type of bedroom slippers.

After some time, rich ladies of the French court started wearing them beneath their ball dresses in the 17th century. The Jean-Honore Fragonard painting “The Swing” depicts a woman taking off a pair of mules while staring at a male admirer.

The 1990s saw a fresh spike in the popularity of mules, which came to represent the decade as a whole. After all, in “Sex in the City,” Carrie Bradshaw strutted through the streets of New York looking as fashionable as ever, wearing stylish clothing and mules, and who wouldn’t want to do the same?

How Do You Style Mule Heels?

Mule Heels
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When it comes to comfy mules shoes with heels are a favourite type among many fashion enthusiasts. They’re much like conventional high heels, only without the annoying back straps that cause irritation and even wounds on the back of your feet. These mules are available in a variety of styles to suit your preferences and your required level of comfort.

Modern quilted mules are one of the hottest alternatives for your everyday high heel. Their gorgeous, broad straps serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Mules lack the added support that heels’ backstraps provide. So, the front strap on these mules is wider and more robust, providing you with greater security while you walk. Quilted straps also provide more texture and visual interest to your outfit.

Here are some styling suggestions for mules shoes with heels:

-Casual wear: To achieve a more relaxed look, pair your mules with wider-leg pants, such as the palazzo trousers;

-Special events: These heels are a chic option for night-outs, weddings, or other occasions. They go well with dresses and skirts that are broad and flowy, ideally with decorative features like ruffles. They complement dresses of any length.

How Do I Style Flat Mules?

Flat Mules
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While high heel mule shoes are favoured by many women, mule slides are also quite popular. Flat mules are the ideal combination of a luxurious shoe and a cosy slipper. They’re quite adaptable and they quickly improve the look of any outfit. These shoes are an ever-lasting trend for both casual and business attire because of their flat sole and easy slip-on design. Here are some suggestions that will help you style this trendy shoe.

Office wear

Dressing for work is often a challenging task. You must strike a balance between stylish and professional attire. Modern closed-toe mules are a common choice for workwear. They give you a stylish, elegant appearance that will turn heads everywhere you go.

They’re also a lot comfier than the traditional pumps you would wear, which leave your feet hurting at the end of the day. Combine your mules with slim-fitting pants, a white button-down shirt, and a chic purse, and you get the perfect outfit for the office!

Casual wear

Casual wear- flat mules
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There are various ways for styling your mule slides into your everyday look. Any style of the midi skirt looks great with a pair of quilted mules, especially if it has a slit and a little tighter fit.

If wearing skirts isn’t really your style, these shoes look great with any kind of formal pants, but jeans look particularly good. Try pairing your mules with a form-fitting pair of torn jeans to elevate your look even further! Finish off this outfit with a black leather jacket and a basic white t-shirt.

Tips on Choosing the Right Pair

Online sizing charts make it easy for you to select the pair of shoes that fit you best. Your mules should be roomy enough for your forefoot to rest without feeling restricted. If you want a pair of mules with a pointed toe, buy a half-size bigger so that your toes have enough room. Mule heels with a square toe are often cosier and truer to size.

My next tip is to choose mules according to your feet type. Everyone’s feet look different. Compared to other shoe styles, the mules you select should precisely fit your foot. This way your foot won’t slip forward when walking and you’ll avoid any discomfort. You should think about mules with extra support in the front if you have a low arch. Whereas if your foot is wider at the toes, consider getting mule heels with a square toe.

If you have certain foot problems and often experience pain and discomfort in your feet, you can go for arch support shoes instead. This type of footwear will be better for your feet in the long run and prevent any issues from arising. They’ll help you distribute your body weight evenly and ensure your feet have the right amount of support.