No Heels – No Problem: How to Choose Great Kicks for Urban Chicks

There’s no denying that most gals love heels, but to be honest – wearing them for more than a couple of hours can be really painful. Sure, they make you taller, boost your confidence and all, but when you have a day full of running errands, high heels might not be the ideal option. When it comes to wearing womens urban shoes, I’d choose sneakers every single time. Of course, except for when I go to some super fancy dinner with my hubby – then I very much like to feel like Beyonce. But for the sake of making our everyday busy lives a tad more bearable, here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect kicks.

Look for Proper Cushioning

Whether you’re buying sneakers, or some other type of womens urban shoes, always look for solid outsoles if you plan to spend most of your day running around. Thick rubber soles act as shock diffusers and if they are not quality you will feel as if there’s nothing between your feet and the ground. It’s also important that the sneakers have good cushioning from the inside as the weight of your body puts a lot of pressure on your feet. Insoles made from memory foam are great as they can easily rebound and won’t flatten despite wearing the shoes every day.

Pick The Right Uppers

When it comes to uppers, usually they are either durable or comfortable. It’s hard to find great womens urban shoes that have both. For instance, if you choose plastic-based synthetic or leather uppers, they are very likely to withstand years of damage. On the other hand, sneakers that are light and provide great breathability have uppers usually made of mesh or some other soft material. So, what is your priority?

Find the Correct Fit

Regardless of how much the sneakers are designed to be comfortable, ultimately choosing the perfect fit is everything. If they are too tight you’ll get painful calluses, and if they are too loose there will be friction inside the sneakers causing you blisters. Although you might be certain you’re still the same size as you were 18, research shows otherwise. Therefore, it’s always smart to measure your feet if shopping for new sneakers online. If you’re purchasing them in-store, make sure to try the shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are likely to be swollen and larger in size.

Don’t Forget Style

While looks shouldn’t outweigh comfort when buying sneakers, it’s still an important factor for us women. But don’t be blinded by the current trends or some great designer names – instead, get inspired by your existing wardrobe. After all, you should purchase something that will match most of your outfit combinations, something that you can even wear with some of your dresses. Also, if you want to wear your favourite sneakers more often, make sure they come in a colour that complements the palette of your wardrobe pieces. And when you do find the ultimate sneaker that makes you feel as though you’re walking on clouds, what’s stopping you from getting it in a couple of different colours, right? I know I would.