Fender Flares: Make Your Navara an Unstoppable Force

The Nissan Navara is considered the ultimate multi-tasking vehicle that many Australians have confided in. Whether you’re the average commuter, a tradesperson or an off-road enthusiast, you can trust the capabilities of the Navara to go anywhere. With 205mm of ground clearance on the standard version, and 245mm on the high-end models, you avoid scraping large debris and obstacles on the road, and you can wade through urban flash floods easily. You can go on untraveled roads with confidence, thanks to its safety and traction systems.

However, as is the case with most 4×4 vehicles, the Navara isn’t immune to dirt. It’s easy to get dirty off the road, so you want some sort of protection in the form of fender flares. Navara fender flares are not the most sophisticated or technologically advanced pieces of equipment, but they’re crucial for maintaining your Navara’s good look.

When shopping for Navara fender flares, you’ll need to choose between aftermarket and OEM models. Typically, most people opt for aftermarket models for one simple reason – they’re built with durability and performance in mind. There aren’t two identical fender flares out there, and each fender flare is built differently, whether that’s in regard to durability, functionality or appearance.

I personally use an ABS injection moulded fender flare, which is basically a very durable plastic (considered that’s stronger than fiberglass). It allows me to fit larger tyres with larger offset rims (for a more aggressive stance). But most importantly, ABS plastic is UV resistant, thanks to the stabilized stippled semi-gloss finish. Due to the finish, there’s no reason to paint it, but you can paint it if you’d like to, for the sake of visual appeal.

However, visual appeal is arguably the last reason why I got fender flares. The main reason fender flares are considered a must-have is because they prevent the tyres from kicking up debris, rocks and all sorts of detritus from rocky roads. Stones that lodge from your tyres can fly out and become a hazard at any moment. Liquid, mud and sand can also be problematic, and at the very least ruin your vehicle’s paint job. Not only do fender flares protect your Navara, but they also protect other vehicles and by-passers.

Lastly, they act as extra protection and help cushion the force of crashes. Fender flares crumple upon impact by design, thus distributing the force of the objects that come in contact with your Navara. This protects the vehicle, you, and the passengers.