Easy & Affordable Decor Ideas that Can Bring a Special Touch to a Wedding

Weddings are wonderful events on their own, even stripped of any accompanying decorations. But deep down, I believe that every bride wants her big day to look like a romantic fairytale. Unfortunately, between the expenses for the dress, the venue, the music, and the food, rarely is there enough money left for impressive decorations. While not everyone is blessed with the budget to throw a spectacular wedding, there are numerous ways to make your special day even more special without breaking the bank. And here are some wonderful examples.

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Candlelight

It might be cliché, but candles and romance go hand and hand, so obviously, a wedding can’t have enough candles. Candles have a classic charm that is perfect for vintage and rustic weddings, but they can also be easily revamped if a more modern feel is required. Whether it’s cute tealight candles or large candelabras, the presence of candlelight brings an extra dose of elegance and romance to the setting. Just imagine your table centrepieces surrounded by scattered tealight candles. There’s no doubt that this is a lovely detail that will cast a soft glow on people’s faces -perfect for lovely wedding photos. You can use candles on their own, or together with other charming items such as lanterns, glass bowls, or birdcages for a unique display.

tealight candles

Make It More Lively with Balloons

Balloons have the power to bring a fun touch to any occasion, and weddings are no different. They are also the most affordable type of decoration, perfect if your budget is tight. Plus, there’s no end to the ways you can use them creatively. For instance, you can decorate an arch with the help of balloons and make it a focal point behind the bride and groom’s table. You can use helium balloons as unique centerpieces or as a way to decorate guest’s chairs (if it’s a small wedding we’re talking about). But be careful though, cause if you ask me, too many balloons can also make the occasion feel like a kid’s birthday party.wedding with ballons

Hanging Decorations Draw the Eye Upwards

Weddings taking place at an indoor venue often require some type of hanging decorations to soften high ceilings. They also help tone down the size of an overwhelmingly large ballroom and make the atmosphere feel more intimate. There are many unique ways to decorate the ceiling, like for instance by adding strings of crystal beads that sparkle when the light is reflected on them. If you’re feeling particularly playful, you can even add lively bunting in different colours and sizes.Hanging wedding decor