Dining Room Furniture: Turn Your Dining Room Into a Time Capsule

Childhood is such a special period of life that evokes the pleasantest of memories. When you’re a kid, everything seems exciting and worth discovering; the days of childhood are all about focusing on the present moment – something we seem to forget when we enter the worrisome and busy grown-ups’ world. It doesn’t take long to be taken on a trip down memory lane, at least that’s the case with me whenever I see certain objects or sense some smell that reminds me of lovely grandparents. I particularly remember the carefree and enjoyable family dinners, gathering around to savour the tasty foods my grandma prepared. I had been wondering what was it that made those meals so special, come to think of it I now know her secret ingredient was love.

These memories brought about the wish to surround myself with things that remind me of them and yet, since their house had long been sold, and all their objects given away at yard sales (you can’t blame me for being in need of money back then and not exactly knowing how to treasure memories) it seemed more of a mission impossible. Good thing I hadn’t disposed of the photo albums. After spending hours just looking through them, I got the idea of reviving the spirit of childhood and my grandparents’ unforgettable meals by giving my dining room some makeover. Of course my expectations had led me to believe I’d find exactly the kind of furniture they used to have, but then as I began my search and didn’t find it, I was still mesmerised by all the designs of dining furniture online and figured I was up for the makeover in any case.

Though the makeover wasn’t as huge as you might think since I tried to keep it within the reach of my budget, it still made quite a difference in my home interior and it certainly turned me into a fan of Scandinavian styled furniture. The simplicity of design, the use of earthy tones and the right amount of comfort of the table and chairs I’d bought were like a reflection of those that had been part of my grandparents’ dining room, so I’d ended up with an outcome that actually resembled theirs. Who would have thought buying dining furniture online would result in a dream come true. My dining room appeared to be my time capsule, taking me back in time whenever nostalgia strikes.

This small makeover has certainly helped me learn how to appreciate the present moment and be reminded of why childhood days still seem so special, bringing the memories of gone loved ones alive. I created my own special dining room that I hope would bring as much unforgettable moments to my family, and, who knows, maybe my grandkids would look on it and remember it with such happiness the same way I do with that of my grandparents. Now that’s something worth striving for, wouldn’t you agree?