Curvy and Cute: Top 5 Plus Size Lingerie Pieces to own in 2023

In a world that’s finally starting to embrace diversity and individuality, the notion of beauty is redefined. Every body shape and size is getting the recognition it deserves and people are starting to feel more represented and loved. The world of underwear and lingerie is not an exception and we see more and more brands creating lingerie for every body type there is out there.

Why Wear Lingerie

different types of linen lingerie

Lingerie is all about self-expression and feeling confident in your own skin, regardless of your size. Finding the right pieces to complement your body type can be a hard yet exciting journey that will elevate your self-confidence, make you feel stunning and comfortable and help you love your body more. Let’s look at the 5 pieces of lingerie that you should have in your closet.

Bras and Knickers

These are your daily essentials and it’s very important to have comfortable ones. Now, sometimes, comfort is associated with basic or not stylish, which isn’t always the case. When it comes to plus-size options, sometimes it’s hard to find something that is comfortable and yet stylish, but some brands offer bras with good support and stylish designs or opt for bralettes with elastic underband. They should be made of comfortable materials, but also find ones that feature lace, which makes the bra look more alluring and sexy.

The same thing applies to knickers, they should feel comfortable. Maybe opt for high-wasted options that are more flattering and show off your waist. Find fabrics that will make you feel fabulous each day and are also breathable, so that you can enjoy your day and feel good about yourself. Such fabrics are satin and lace.


Corsets are timeless pieces that add elegance to your lingerie collection and your overall look. They come in various styles suited for everybody type, but Corsets will emphasize your curves, enhance them and give you a whole new look. They will cinch your waist and accentuate your curves providing both support and also a captivating silhouette. Find a well-fitter corset that has a robust closure system, to ensure durability and efficient shaping. The material matters as well. Satin and lace will create a look that will make you feel very confident. The good thing about corsets is that you can wear them not only as lingerie but as a top as well. Just put on your favourite skirt or pants and you will look amazing.


woman wearing black plus size babydolls

Now, let’s delve into the world of plus size babydolls, a lingerie that celebrates your femininity and provides a flattering and flowing silhouette. They’ve been part of many women’s lingerie collections for years and there’s a reason why they are one of the most worn pieces of lingerie. So, let’s see what the reasons are.

They are designed to fit loosely around the bust and waist, which creates a flattering silhouette by highlighting the curves of the body while being very comfortable. It accentuates the waist and it falls to your thighs. This design allows you to move easily and it provides a flirtatious look. What is babydoll length?

There are babydolls made from various types of materials, so you can pick the one that works for you. Lace is a delicate material that adds a touch of elegance to lingerie. Satin is also used quite often to make babydolls because it’s smooth and shiny which makes it the perfect material for lingerie. What’s important when choosing the materials is to find one that is breathable and feels good when it touches your skin.

Another great thing about babydolls as they are not limited to the bedroom only. They’re versatile and you can wear them in many ways. You can pair them with leggings or jeans for an everyday look or wear them on a night out paired with pants if you want to stand out.

They are great if you want a little bit of confidence boost. They are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time and they help you to embrace your beautiful curves. To make them more attractive, pick ones with different types of embroidery designs, such as flowers or other intricate patterns.


Bodysuits are versatile and appealing pieces that suit all body types. They come in various styles, from sheer lace to bold cutouts, depending on your taste. You can wear them under your clothing, or if you want to be more extravagant you can pair them with your jeans and have an everyday, put-together look that will accentuate your curves and make you feel more confident.


Robes are the epitome of elegance. They add a touch of luxury to your lounge routine. They are made of soft, high-quality fabrics like satin or velour which provide both warmth and sophistication. You can wear them in the bedroom, or even in the morning when you’re drinking your coffee. Wearing them in the comfort of your own home will make you feel like royalty.

Feel Good In Your Own Skin

Feeling good in your skin and loving your body no matter what is very important and finding ways to achieve that is crucial. There are many things you can do to feel confident and to love your body and lingerie is one of those ways. Buying lingerie that fits just right and shows off your curves and your qualities will make you love yourself and accept your curves a little bit more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different pieces that hug your body just right and with bold colours that complement your skin. You don’t have to show off your lingerie, but wearing it underneath your clothes will for sure boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

Lingerie is an invitation to celebrate your body, your beauty and your curves. Being plus-size doesn’t stop you from looking and feeling fabulous. The world has evolved, so there are more and more pieces of lingerie that not only fit you but also make you look better, more confident and sexy every day. Embrace yourself and your curves, explore the world of lingerie and always remember that loving yourself is your best feature.