Capmervan Vacationing: Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Fun on the Road

If you’re a person who is up for adventures, like me, it’s always the right time to discover more of the world. Some say it’s what nurtures their soul, others say it’s a lifestyle. It’s that constant feeling of wanderlust,  or as the Germans call it fernweh, that urges one to drop everything and just hit the road. Okay, maybe not doing so on a whim, but that recurring wish to be present wherever your mind takes you to has to be silenced, and what better way to do so than by planning your next journey? Since I’m the kind of person who also loves the comfort of my home, you might as well say I want the best of both worlds, being on the go travelling and having the chance to put my feet up.


Before, I used to gather up the salary after paying up the bills, and start booking flights and hotels. Sure, I got to visit plenty of breathtaking places and had the hotel relaxation, but I also experienced what pouring money down the drain means firsthand. Mind you, that was before my days as a family man. We’ve tried keeping my tradition alive with my wife, but once our children arrived, we learned organising a trip for a couple is much different than when you’re organising for a whole family, not to even mention the increase in expenses. So, after watching the King of Queens one night, the Whine Country episode, I had the revelation: campervan vacationing. I must say it feels like taking your home on the road, because it’s that enjoyable.

When you’re buying a campervan you have many options to choose from, so the decision is based on your budget and the things you wish to have, regarding toilets and showers too. You can always rely on specialised shops and retailers for getting all the camper trailer parts and accessories you might need. Nowadays, you can do so easily by ordering online, that’s how I got my sullage hose. I was surprised at how handy it turned out to be as it’s designed to save you from spilling trouble, thanks to its self draining property when it’s connected with the reel. This kind of vacationing requires more advanced skills of packing, since you have to plan every day concerning your food and water supplies so I’m happy I could upgrade my skills with making camping part of my life.


A word of advice is to always go prepared, having the adequate maps with you and checking the weather forecast. I have learnt that the hard way when losing track of the road. Luckily the campervan knows where it’s going, so we managed to get on the right one eventually (joke aside, get all the info about the place you’re going). Also, don’t forget to carefully inspect your equipment and the condition of your campervan. Since our country is passionate about camping, there are many caravan parks you’ll come across. This makes it all the more enjoyable and easy if you’re a beginner at this kind of travelling as there are plenty of them along the coast from Sydney to Cairns. This way you have the chance to explore cities, landscapes and wildlife. You can rely on the internet to find the one that suits you most. Another lesson I’ve learnt, camper trailer parts and accessories matter a great deal; imagine a very sunny day with no shade in sight to shield your campervan – that’s when you really wish you’d bought a shade awning or an end wall.

All things considered, it’s a unique experience and it’s perfect for spending more time bonding with your loved ones. I’m happy, my family’s happy, we’re all having a blast creating memories together. The fun is also in constantly planning for the next vacation, so everyone has their share in suggesting locations. I believe that’s convincing enough.