Bridal Hair Accessories: Enhance Your Wedding Look with This Delightful Final Touch

Despite the various planning details that ought to be taken care of for the big day, a bride-to-be’s main concern is her look. After all, the bride is the star of the show, and the wedding day is one she likes to cherish for the rest of her life. Every part of the whole bridal ensemble matters, from the gown and the shoes to the makeup and accessories.

You may not take the hair aesthetic to be that big of a deal when comparing it to the gown, but rest assured your hair is your accessory too and how and what you style it with can have a huge say in your overall look. If you want to add a touch of charm, elegance, and individuality to the outfit, without going overboard, then you can’t overlook the wide assortment of charming bridal hair pieces to complement your overall ensemble.

Do Brides Need a Hair Piece?


These are accessories that have come a long way from being used as symbols of status, purity, and fertility, especially the floral wreaths in ancient Roman times all the way to the tiaras in Victorian times. Fast forward to today, they serve as fashion statements that can provide the whole bridal attire with a touch of glamour.

Whether you want to complement the rest of the accessories, inject the dress with the right dose of bling, or show off your personality, you can choose from a range of bridal hair pieces that amaze with their features. And, there’s something for every budget, so you don’t have to create the scary expectation you’d have to splurge on this accessory.

Every bride could do with some kind of bridal hairpiece accessory, but as to which kind exactly, it all comes down to how embellished the rest of the ensemble is. For example, if your dress already comes with some elements of bling (e.g. crystals, rhinestones, or even pearls), you should stay away from anything too elaborate or sparkly, like a statement tiara, and instead, opt for a delicate pin that goes well with the rest of the details in style and material.

What Are the Types of Hair Pieces for Brides?

When you take a look at what the specialised bridal retailers offer in terms of these gorgeous elements, your choice mainly comes down to:



If you’re up for a more modern take on a classic like a tiara, then a contemporary headband is the perfect match for your contemporary wedding. Whether you want to choose something more opulent, like a padded hair band with beads, or a simpler design with some metallic details, you’ve got a great deal of options to back you up. The best thing about them is they go well with various hairstyles, from elegant and boho to relaxed. They’re even better suited than the traditional tiara counterparts for brides with fine or short hair.


This is the top choice for brides who are after having their dream vintage wedding as the pieces add a touch of regal-like sophistication that translates to grace, love and unity. You may not be part of the royal family, but you can channel your inner Duchess of Cambridge with an exquisite bridal hairpiece such as this and provide your outfit with a sense of tradition and heritage.

Mind you, they are versatile accessories too, and much like the headband alternatives, they can be found in a range of designs, not just the classic and vintage but the boho, crown, and floral also. In addition to choosing based on your taste, as well as the style for the rest of the bridal elements, make sure you pick out a design that’s lightweight if you plan on wearing the piece throughout the whole event.

Hair Vines

Iris - Crystal Floral & Pearl Delicate Bridal Hair Vine

If you like the look of the intricate tiaras and headbands but prefer a little more flexibility with how you want to use them and the hairdo you want to get requires more malleability, then hair vines are a must. Called vines because of being flexible like the actual vine, these bridal hair accessories are often adorned with delicate details like flowers, crystals, and pearls, and they make for the perfect accessories that you can use and reuse more than during the big day.

Whether you like to have your hair in a braid, a bun, or loose, you can easily make your choice of vine into the desired shape. You can go as far as using it as a necklace, bracelet, or bridal sash. The possibilities are endless!

Hairpins and Clips

These are definite must-haves no matter what your do is, whether it’s a relaxed glamorous loose look, or a regal updo for a more princess-like elegant appearance, having the right set of hairpins and clips can certainly come in handy with boosting the hair with a little sparkle. Need more reasons to get them? They’re minimalist, they can make for the perfect minimalist jewellery look, they’re affordable and they can be worn on numerous dressy occasions.

Hair Combs

Belle - Elegant Floral Bridal Hair Comb

Much like the pins and clips, the combs can be added and styled in numerous ways, with veils or not, or used on their own for an additional dose of sparkle. They come in a variety of designs, with a variety of details, so you’re sure to find something that’s up to your taste and goes well with the rest of your bridal look. They’re also handy accessory pieces for when your updo turns into a relaxed loose look from all the dancing and posing as you can quickly use them to secure a hair strand and maintain the glam.