Ballet Dancing Essentials for Your Little Ballerina

Have you ever imagined what our world would be like without music? Recently, I’ve been wondering about this, especially in times like these when the world seems gloomy, overburdened with the pandemic. Thank God for music!

The same goes for dancing, and I’ve come to truly appreciate the power of dancing after my daughter got into ballet and I signed up for jazz dance classes. Besides the benefits provided for adults, kids get to reap some awesome health and well-being benefits too, which is why I’m all in favour of signing them up for dance lessons.

Not only do they get to increase their physical confidence and improve coordination and flexibility, but the combination of music and dance also helps them become better with their communication skills, as well as improves their cognitive skills as they learn new things.

If you want to offer your child such a great opportunity for growth, and perhaps even provide them with the hobby of a lifetime, I’m going to list some necessities. Though any dance would do, I’ve had the most experience with ballet through my daughter, so that’s what I’ve come to specialise in as a mum.

The Dance Gear No Ballerina Can Do Without

picture of ballerina on a parking lot in a tutu and ballet shoes
source: Daria Rom on Unsplash

It all starts with choosing dance wear that’s both stylish and functional. Along with the adequate outfits being essential for simplifying the movements, allowing a greater deal of flexibility, they’re also part of the performance.

Even if at the beginning your kid won’t get to have a performance in front of an audience, suitable clothing may be a requirement for the dress code established by the dance school so my advice is to buy the needed bits and pieces of equipment. In case you’re struggling with what you consider to be important, make some inquiries at the school. The following are some of the essentials you can expect to purchase:

The Right Clothes to Increase Comfort and Confidence

picture of a girl ballerina beside a river in a city park dancing with comfort and confidence
source: Naitian(Tony) Wang on Unsplash

As one of the basics that ballet shares with gymnastics in terms of clothing, the leotard is something your child can’t do without for the lessons. This piece was created with movement and flexibility in mind, that’s why it can be found in materials like lycra, nylon and spandex, much unlike T-shirts that may be baggy and restrict the dancing.

Since you can expect many challenging movements that may or may not end up in sweating, my suggestion is to add a performance fabric in the dancewear priorities like the revolutionary ProForm that’s handy with keeping the ballet dancer cool and dry. Speaking of cool, camisole leotards with adjustable straps are ideal for the warm periods of the year, as opposed to long-sleeved models for the cold.

Tights, sweaters and legwarmers might be a welcome addition too in keeping your child warm. Lastly, for the performances, you can’t skip the adorable tutu dresses. Pull-on skirts and georgette wrap skirts are other pieces you might want to splurge on.

Quality Shoes to Offer Support and Prevent Injuries

picture of a leg in ballet shoe
source: Rachel B on Unsplash

With ballet, legs and specifically feet are crucial for dancing so in order for your little ballerina to be successful in her movements she requires the adequate ballet footwear. They can either make or break the experience, which is why it’s so important to choose the perfect dancing shoes.

Find a reliable dance wear store with plenty of options to offer in terms of materials, models, prices, and you can consider your quest for the ideal footwear complete. Given the strain a ballerina’s feet go through, and the sweat it all ends up in, it’s advisable to get two pairs of pointe shoes for change. Athlete’s foot may be rare in kids, but it’s not impossible to occur.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

picture of a ballerina in white ballet outfit with tiara
source: Elesban Landero Berriozábal on Unsplash

Same as with the clothing, there are certain accessories you should put on the list of essentials. Since looks are important for the dance, hair and makeup accessories come in handy with the performance, so consider bobby pins, hair bands, scrunchies, hairnets, hair spray, eyeshadows and setting spray part of the equipment too.

As the feet go through a great deal of pressure, foot care is of utmost importance. Bandages and medical tape are surely going to become part of your little ballerina’s life as she masters the moves. You should also get some Epsom salt to let her soak up after practice and reduce the swelling, have a good stretch and speed the healing process. Lastly, don’t forget the towels and water bottles for refreshment.

A Practical Bag to Store It All

To be able to store it all nicely, as well as carry it to and from dance lessons, you’re going to need the ideal bag from the well-equipped dance wear store. Though we’ve had various, I’ve already spoken about Duffel bags that are timeless and second to none in terms of storage and design. Once you choose Duffel, there’s no going back!

You May Also Want to Get Some Equipment for Training at Home

picture of a girl in a ballerina dress dancing at home
source: Caleb Woods on Unsplash

You probably want to help your little dancer with mastering those skills properly and in a timely manner, in which case you may want to consider investing in some training essentials as well. Here are some of the most basic:

  • A portable ballet barre is key for mastering stability and getting good stretches. Get one in adjustable height for your child.
  • A wobble balance board is a prop that provides a nice change in the dance routine along with a number of other benefits: from stability and flexibility, to ankle strength and muscle toning much needed for Pointe work and pirouettes.
  • A resistance band can help prevent your child from stretching improperly which can lead to injuries.
  • A wall mirror is crucial for checking improvement and correct movement, especially with spotting, so get a big one and mount it well on the wall instead of leaning it.