A Slightly Different Date: Healing Outdoor Adventures Await

A couple of weeks ago, one of my closest friends came to me for relationship advice. I don’t mean to brag, but one could say that I know a thing or two about romance and keeping the fires of love burning. So, after she confessed all her worries to me, I realized that she and her partner have started drifting apart because they forgot how important finding and nurturing new mutual interests really is, which is why I suggested her to plan and go on a camping trip with him. She was skeptical at first, but my heart-warming story convinced her that an outdoor adventure may turn out to be the answer to her prayers (as it was to mine).

“Well? What was your story about?”, you might be curious to learn. Believe it or not, it was about the time when my husband and I were going through one of our coldest love wars and how, thank goodness (and Mother Nature), we laid our weapons down. As those of you who have been in a long-term relationship already know, living together is the ultimate challenge for all couples, including us. Although we tried our best to prevent it from happening, we didn’t manage to escape the trap of our jobs and everyday responsibilities. Endless fights and sexless nights began to take the place of our fun and fulfilling activities. Since nothing was implying that things between us will get better soon, I decided to take matters into my own hands and prepare us for our favourite type of date: the outdoor one. Fortunately, he said ‘yes’.

Why was I so sure that a camping trip was exactly what we needed? Well, think about it: the woods are the only place where our problems seem to disappear, for life is much simpler and calmer there. Being able to cook and taste each other’s meals while enjoying the forest’s soul-soothing sounds, play our guitars under the cloudless sky, and peacefully cuddle in our comfortable sleeping bags was precisely what reminded us of the love and the strong connection we have. Suddenly, our dear old RV, our amazing mummy-shaped sleeping bags to protect our bodies from the chilly evening breeze, and enough food for the whole weekend was all we truly needed.


Yes, people say that nature bring us together, for spending time in the woods makes sharing easier and much more natural, and it also brings out our better self. Once you step into a forest, your pride and selfishness lose their power. All of this makes me wonder: is there a wound Mother Nature cannot heal? Silly me, we all know there isn’t.