5 Adorable Decorating Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can almost feel like planning a wedding. There are a lot of little details that need to be taken into account for a successful event. Therefore, baby shower decorations are one of the best ways to rejoice and welcome a new baby into the world! Ranging from balloon archways and botanical backgrounds to banners and confetti cannons, these little details with great impact will add a touch of whimsy and excitement to any baby shower.

Whether you’re seeking traditional pink and blue patterns or more contemporary and fashionable ones, there is a large selection of styles and themes available so you will have no difficulty finding the ones that go with your shower’s theme.

Baby Shower Welcome Board

Undoubtedly, fun and adorable baby shower welcome signs are the perfect decoration detail that makes the event as unique and memorable as possible for the parents-to-be! These signs inform the guests that they’re entering a special party and set the tone for it.

Baby-themed motifs, such as cartoon figures or baby animals, are frequently used to create baby shower welcome boards. However, for a more formal baby shower, you can also select more complex designs.

boho baby shower welcome sign
Source: candybarsydney.com.au

The best thing yet is that a baby shower sign has the advantage of being altered to fit the theme of your celebration. For instance, you might select a hand-signed canvas with a cute baby monkey or elephant on it if your baby shower has a jungle theme. Or, if your baby shower has a nautical theme, you may choose a canvas sign featuring a sweet whale or an octopus design.

Additionally, you can also pick a colour that matches the theme of your shower, or you can choose colours that coordinate with the decor of the room where the baby shower will be held.

The font of your baby shower sign is also customisable. Choose a simple serif font in black or white for a more formal party. Consider using a script or brush script for something a little more fun, or a calligraphy font for an exquisite finishing touch. Baby animals, flowers, and balloons are all good choices for designs. However, feel free to use your imagination—this is your baby shower, after all!

On the other hand, the display of baby shower welcome signs is crucial as they are a great way to let everyone know where the party is and what the theme is. If you have hired a decorator, then you should let them do their job. But, if you’re the one decorating your own baby shower then make sure your baby shower welcome sign is visible to everyone wherever you choose to put it on display.

Therefore, if your baby shower has a particular theme, you might coordinate the sign with the decorations. For instance, you may hang the sign next to some lovely fairy lights on a wall if your baby shower has a fairy-tale theme.

The sign could also be supported by an easel. This looks particularly good if the sign is made of fabric or has 3D components. Alternatively, you may use colourful ribbons or twine to suspend the baby shower sign from the ceiling. If you want to make the sign’s focal point truly stand out, this is a fantastic alternative.

Confetti Baby Shower Balloons

As their name implies, confetti balloons are balloons that are loaded with confetti. They can be purchased in a wide range of colours, but they are often clear balloons with confetti inside. Most of the time, the balloons are pre-filled with confetti before being secured with an elastic band to prevent any of them from spilling out before you can inflate them. Glitter is just as entertaining without any of the associated mess.

confetti baby shower balloons
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Additionally, a variety of colours are available, including multi-coloured confetti inside the balloon so you will have no difficulty finding a combination of colours that best matches your theme.

Baby Shower Bunting

Perfect for hanging from the ceiling or trees, whether you plan to throw an outdoor or indoor baby welcoming party, bunting creates a sweet décor and can also serve as a backdrop for taking lovely pictures and making your event extra special. Looking for something a little more intimate or a stylish way to announce your child’s gender? Why not hang up ornaments that say, “baby boy” or “baby girl”? Or you can go for a gold foiled banner that will shine brightly at your celebrations with the simple message, “Baby Shower”.

Photo Booth Props

Everyone enjoys using photo booths, but let’s face it—the fun factor comes from the props! See how quickly your friends and family join in the fun by gathering a cute assortment of baby shower photo booth props. There are several possibilities here, even though the moustache-on-a-stick is the most traditional. Props will make your baby shower photo booth stand out, from adorable sayings to the always amusing pacifier-on-a-stick.

Name Suggestion Box

Wondering what is the baby name game for the shower. Enter a name suggestion box! It’s a unique and fun way to gather name suggestions for your new arrival, especially if you still haven’t picked a name for your little bundle of joy or can’t decide. This charming box features a whimsical design that is sure to be a hit at any baby shower. It comes with cards, so guests can easily write down their name suggestions and drop them into the box.

Not only is this a great way to get some creative ideas for your little one’s name, but it’s also a fun activity for your guests to participate in. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter and helps break the ice at your baby shower.