3D Printing is Useful: Here’s Why I Love It

Despite how useful a thing may be, there are always going to be naysayers. I understand some people are resisting to catch up with technology, but when you weigh the pros and cons, and actually see the pros outweigh the cons, catch up, and your life will become much better.

I started this off as a rant post because I keep hearing people talking badly of 3D printing. The excuse I often hear as the reason against this life-changing innovation is “but you can only print useless stuff with it at home”. Give me my stack of 3d printer supplies, and I will show you all the useful things I can print out.

What started off as a hobby out of mere fun turned into a creative process, so I challenge myself to come up with a certain solution for the repairs at home, or just avoid shopping altogether and print the item I need.

This would explain why 3d printer supplies have become as basic materials to me as pen and paper which is why I always go for quality from trusted suppliers. Of course, it’s much easier to just print out a solution someone else had already come up with, so I’ve used that to practice.

Other than getting a variety of flexible phone cases of my own, I also printed out many toys for my kids, like the dinosaurs in all colours they can think of, but printing didn’t stop there. After an accident during a breakfast, when the egg cup didn’t prove to be of much help with keeping the egg in place, I decided it was time to print out my own.

By now, I’ve printed out items for every room practically. Apart from the fun egg cups, different for each one of us, I also printed out my measuring cups, bowls, and bottle openers, but my personal favourites are my bookends and bookstands.

If you ask what my husband’s favourite is then it’s got to be the cable organiser, he no longer complains about the cable mess, as for the kids, they recently had lots of fun with the Halloween decorations, yet their ultimate favourite is the birdhouse.

I get it, not everyone considers the 3D printer the investment worth the cost, when in reality it is as I’ve told you by now. Even if you can’t afford to buy a big one right now, you can still buy a smaller one and practice along the way until you can get enough money for a bigger one.

I find it such a joy to go through the whole process of measuring, planning, and doing a sketch of the item I intend to print out, it makes me feel like a child again. And the best of all is I get to share that experience with my family!