Vintage Wedding: Set the Clock Back in Every Aspect

Vintage weddings have become a huge trend as of late, whether that means going with a rustic theme, or simply choosing to wear a vintage dress as a bride, or going for a suit made of old world material as a groom, or renting/borrowing an old-timer car to get you to the venue. However, for the real old souls and retro gals and guys out there, a thing or two won’t do. That being said, here’s a short guide on how to set the clock back all the way.


In the beginning, these was light… The base for everything else décor related is mainly going to depend on how well you’ll play the lighting game. What you need to focus on are strings of warm glowing lanterns. They ought to be strung above your reception area for the purpose of creating an old-fashioned and romantic atmosphere. Candles are a must for every type of wedding celebration, but in order to make yours stand out, the olden days way, go for brass candle holders.
The next thing you need to take care of is chair décor. When it comes to furthermore establishing the rustic/vintage theme, you’ll need to befriend lace and burlap as they make for a gorgeous, yet simple wedding chair decor wedding bunting

Another thing you can use the lace-burlap combo for is the wedding bunting. You can go either with a combo of the two, or buy wedding bunting made just from lace or just from burlap, depending on your taste. Just remember that the lace only option will stand out less, but won’t lack elegance. Another interesting option is the classic heart shape design with the Mr and Mrs sign. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to thread the flags onto a string. This means that this type of décor can be made as long or short as you wish. An additional bit of info that isn’t familiar to a lot of people is the fact that burlap is, in fact, a very eco-friendly, natural material. This means that by opting to buy wedding bunting made of burlap, vintage lovers can express their modern environmental concerns along with their old-fashioned style.


Yes, the choice of food can also contribute to your theme. In order to add to the the elegant vintage theme, you should make it a priority to include food stations that offer classic candies, cocktails, fruits, snacks and more. Also, don’t forget to complete the impression by appealing to the eyes as much as the taste buds. This means using old milk bottles, mason jars, antique dishes and glass vases.


More often than not, it is precisely the love for the oldies goldies that turn a person into a lover of all things vintage. However, you may be wondering whether opting for a band that plays such music alone will satisfy the different tastes of your guests. Well, it is YOUR day after all and if your guests are all dear people that love you, they should be able to enjoy or at least respect your choice of music. They’ll be able to attend a whole lot of weddings, but for you and your beloved, the experience is a one time thing. If, however, you want to include some variety, you can hire a more modern type of band for the last hour of the wedding reception.