The Different Types of Trolleys and Tips on Finding the Ideal One

As a warehouse manager, it’s your duty to ensure the warehouse operates at its maximum capacity. That being said, your employees should have all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure operations run smoothly. The reason behind these claims is quite simple – more revenue, thus more profit. Some of the most essential pieces of warehouse equipment are trolleys. I would argue that the value that these pieces of equipment bring is second to none.

Trolleys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the ideal type for your warehouse will depend on the type of products you deal with most. However, some types of trolleys are more versatile than others. For instance, a platform trolley is one of the most commonly utilized types, because it offers a flat platform that can carry various different types of products. They’re typically mounted on a four wheel chassis and feature handles at one or both ends.

The capacity of a platform trolley varies on the model, but they can typically carry anywhere between 250kg and 500kg, depending on the materials they are made from. The platforms can be either closed or open, large or small, and the entire platform trolley construction can be either aluminium (light-duty) or quality grade steel (heavy-duty).

Trolleys that feature a cage are known as cage trolleys, and they basically prevent items from falling from the sides during transport. This feature provides additional worker and product safety, and the cages can be departmentalized with rails and shelves. Additionally, cage trolleys are typically made of quality steel with sturdy wheels and chassis, which makes them ideal for safely transporting heavy items.

Furthermore, you might be content with a simple hand trolley, which is the most simple type and features two wheels with a small base. You can stack boxes on top of the forked or solid base on the trolley, then tilt it backwards and push. These trolleys are used for light-duty transport, and you typically won’t be able to carry more than 250kg with it.

Lastly, there are wagon trolleys, which are arguably the ideal option for transporting large, heavy and oddly-shaped items. They feature a bar handle which extends from one end to the other. Moreover, these models are typically accompanied by pneumatic wheels that provide more mobility both outdoors and indoors, even if you’re carrying extremely heavy objects. Generally, wagon trolleys have huge load capacities of 1T and more.