The Beauty of a French Provincial Dresser: Out with the Modern, in with the Old

It’s the 21st century, and we think we’ve got life figured out. In a way it might be true, because every day we hear of more advancements in medicine, and technology, then the fact people are turning into cyborgs by getting chipped, we rely on all sorts of devices in our day to day lives, and there’s also the talk of private trips to the Moon next year.

And yet, how did we let things shift from grandeur and beauty to mere practicality? I know, you’re probably thinking now where did this come from, but hear me out. We may have become advanced more than we imagined, but we’ve also began losing touch with beauty as the essence in a certain aspect. This is my story, and how a French provincial dresser, the blend of ideal storage solution and perfect line features, saved me from a stale bedroom, and stale home for that matter.

We like to follow trends, some of us more than others, and there’s always something about choosing plain, lifeless “modern”stuff. I know because I was one of the trend-followers. There I was, in a modern home with modern stuff, easily getting bored of my surroundings despite often adding changes in the interior. I figured there must be a way out of feeling this monotony in your own nest without undertaking pricey makeover projects.

I have to admit, out of all my rooms, the one that looked most stale and in need of some freshening up was my bedroom, since all of the modern elements turned it solely into utility room. Upon searching through the internet for ideas, I stumbled upon the charms of French provincial style, and the wonders it can do to our interiors, which led me to the quest for the piece that would magically transform my bedroom, and that’s how I found my French provincial dresser.

The perfect mould, the seamless polished surface, the intricate brass design details, the amount of storage, the warm tones of white, are all its features that took me all the way to France in an instant upon laying eyes on it. Part of its charm is also the incredible way it easily matched the modern style, clearing out my primary fear it would create an imbalance. Instead, it brought the harmonious breeze my home was lacking, the breeze of past eras, of romance, of ingenious style – now I get it why there are still many of us crazy about French interiors and apartments. This sort of beauty is everlasting.

I’ve been saving up to be able to get more exquisite French style furniture pieces, but meanwhile I’ve also found other ways to invite more of this style’s beauty with the help of patterns and fabrics. Basically, my bedroom and the rest of my home is white-coloured (different tones of white for my walls, floors, and furniture), spiced up with the warm tones of blue, purple, yellow, and orange in the form of rugs, lighting fixtures, cushions, bedding, including utensils. If you haven’t invited the breeze of French provincial style, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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